Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Sixty

Chapter Sixty:

Dean Sanderson pulled his chart easel closer to the long conference table. He then passed out yellow legal pads and official UBC pens to everyone.
“It’s time to generate some ideas and then to assign some job duties to this group. Proper organization is going to be critical to the success of this project. I’m not sure where to start but I’ll begin by throwing out some general questions for discussion.”
“Firstly, equipment. What are we going to need?”
“I’ll take care of our equipment needs,” said Blake Riley. “Equipment and supplies for our expedition shouldn’t be a problem.”
“How are you going to access it?” asked Dr. Phelge.
“Daniel Mason, my head of security was a participant in an expedition to find Champ, the Lake Champlain monster, a few years ago. He has recently been in touch with the boat’s captain and is in the process of rounding up the former crew.”
“How do you know that this crew will be willing to go on another monster hunt?” asked Dean Sanderson.
“Because these people live for adventure and the adrenaline rush. Also, I am willing to pay the crew generously for their work and the use of their equipment. Don’t worry. I have enough financial resources to cover the costs of this expedition,” answered Blake.
“That’s a great relief,” said Lionel. “Without the proper equipment and a professional crew we would not be able to make a thorough search for Ogopogo.”
“And I was concerned that the costs involved for this project could be prohibitive.” Said Dean Sanderson.
“How soon would the crew be available?” asked Kyle.
“I’m giving them one week to let me know if they are in or out. Then I want to have them meet with this group for a planning meeting as soon as possible,” said Blake.
“You certainly don’t let the grass grow under your feet,” observed Dr. Lionel Phelge.
“That’s my philosophy of life,” replied Blake Riley. “I came from an impoverished background but I knew that other people had an abundance of money and personal possessions. There were successful men and women who had their freedom and lived the good life. Despite being brought up in a trailer park I learned that I had one rich and successful uncle. When I was about fifteen years old I decided to give him a phone call. I wanted to find out how he broke out of the poverty mentality while most of his relatives lived below the poverty line. Uncle Jordan and I had a long talk. He told me that the road to success always starts with right thinking. He mailed me two books that he insisted that I would need to read to fully understand what he was talking about.”
“What are the two books?” asked Ryan.
“The two books are both by Napoleon Hill. One is titled, Think and Grow Rich” and the other is The Law of Success in Sixteen Lessons,” Blake answered.
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