Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Seventy-Four

Chapter Seventy-Four

Bobby O’Connor got in his car and drove out to the site on the shore of the lake where the woman and her dog’s body had washed ashore. The surrounding area had been roped off with yellow police ribbon by the Sheriff’s Office.
The two bodies were already badly decomposed and the odor emanating from them almost caused Bobby to lose his breakfast.
“You come to check this out, Bobby? See if there’s a story here?” asked Sheriff George Anderson making circles with one of his shoes in the sand.
“Well, is there? Have you been able to identify the bodies yet?” asked the reporter for The Kelowna Sun.
“Absolutely. One’s a human and the other’s an animal,” laughed the Sheriff sarcastically.
“You’re a real funny boy today, George,” was Bobby’s response.
“On this job you gotta preserve your sense of humor or you go nuts,” said George spitting out a long spittoon of Redman chewing tobacco.
“Well, if you want to get serious the medical examiner should be here in about ten minutes. Hopefully, she’ll be able to provide more specific details on the two victims.”
“Do you think that the two bodies washed ashore might have anything to do with the recent disappearance of Ida Rhodes and her dog?” asked Bobby.
“Who knows? It’s too early to tell and the details are too sketchy at this time. There’s been lots of speculation, though. The bodies washed ashore in the general vicinity in which the old lady and her dog were last seen.” The Sheriff answered. “Still, we have no way of making any positive identifications until the medical examiner does her thing.”
“The Sheriff’s right. We really won’t have anything to go on until the medical examiner completes her assessment,” added Deputy Bill Rollins.
“I heard that your boy and his friend got quite a fright about a week ago,” said Bobby O’Connor. “Did the boys see Ogopogo?”
“Well, for sure the boys saw something that scared them half to death. Neither one wants to go near the water now,” answered the Deputy looking down at the sand.


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