Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Seventy- Three

Chapter Seventy-Three
“No, there are too many institutions, corporations and individuals who are benefitting financially from the way the system operates now.”
“This conversation is getting really depressing,” said Wally. “I’m getting really tired. Why don’t we call it a night?” asked Wally yawning.
Winston said, “You’re right. Let’s all get a little shut eye. We’ve got lot of things to do tomorrow.”
Wally found two air mattresses and inflated them properly with a hand pump. The two young men were both very tired and fell asleep quickly.
In the morning the boys awoke to the enticing aroma of the bacon and eggs that Winston was cooking for them.
After consuming a hearty and delicious breakfast and a pot of coffee, Winston suggested that it was time to go for a boat ride.
“I was going to take you guys for a ride in my speedboat but on further consideration I decided we’d go for a ride on my big cabin cruiser. I’ve got a lot of brand new, cutting edge technology on the big boat that I’d like to show you guys.
boats 2


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