Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Seventy-Six

Chapter Seventy-Six
“I thought you said that Ogopogo was a mythological legend,” said Max.
“Of course the creature is imaginary, but people insist on preserving their myths. It provides a little magic to their otherwise boring, ordinary lives,” asserted William Everett.
“Now listen to this. O’Connor states that the University of British Columbia’s marine biology department is rumoured to be planning an expedition to search for Ogopogo. This kind of publicity can easily ‘go viral’ in this age of social media. Kelowna, if not all of British Columbia, will become a laughing stock in Canada and potentially around the world,” added Everett emphatically.
Max got out of his chair to refresh his coffee. “Look on the bright side William. Can you imagine the economic boost this is going to give the tourism industry in Kelowna, and for that matter all of British Columbia?”
“I know this circus is going to bring in a lot of revenue, but because of that my superiors are going to ask me to give this nonsense my full support,”, said Max tossing his copy of the Kelowna Sun to the far right hand corner of his oversize desk.”
“You can bet your retirement savings on that,” agreed Max making his way back to his desk.
“Well, I’ll tell you what. They’re not going to get an ounce of my support or approval. Within weeks we’ll have every crackpot and lunatic with a boat hunting for Ogopogo,” said pounding his fist on his desk for emphasis.
“They could injure or even kill the creature and cause a lot of boating accidents and drownings,” said William Everett continuing with his rant.
“Now that’s the second time that you’ve referred to Ogopogo as a real living animal,” laughed Max.
“I don’t believe that Ogopogo’s an actual prehistoric lake monster, like some long extinct species of marine dinosaur, but it could be something living, like a giant eel for instance,” said the Head of Fisheries.Picture 61 Picture 60


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