Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty-Three

Chapter Eighty-Three
Dean Sanderson stepped up to the podium for the second time this morning.
“Thank you, Dr. Phelge. I appreciate your openness and honesty. I believe that you have set the tone for this meeting. I, too, have other reasons besides pure scientific research in backing this project. As some of you may have guessed our projected enrollments at UBC have had to be adjusted due to a steady decline in the number of students enrolled during the last five years.
I can’t say precisely why this is, but it is the reality that our university’s administrative team is now facing. Perhaps it has something to do with the declining economy of our province over the past few years. My conjecture is that many of our prospective students are now looking at other avenues to explore for their post- secondary education. Many are opting for community colleges and trade schools as a more practical solution. The boom in technology over the last decade has also had a significant impact upon our enrollment. Many young people are looking at courses in computer programming and computer technology. They foresee taking this route to be more feasible for their future employment prospects.

But, I am hoping that our enrolment will increase dramatically by the fall semester and it won’t be through luck or accident. I am actually grateful to the Kelowna Sun’s reporter, Bobby O’Connor for the recent publicity that he has given our university. As most of you are aware Mr. O’Connor has recently stopped reporting on The Kelowna Katfish hockey team and is presently working on articles related to Ogopogo.
This is good news for our university. Now I’m fully aware that Bobby O’Connor is not everyone’s favorite reporter and some may say, with some justification, that his recent articles on Ogopogo are sensationalistic and rivals the quality of some of the writing in publications such as The National Enquirer and The News of the World.” This resulted in much laughter from the audience.
“ My answer is fair enough. I, too, have some concerns about Mr. O’Connor’s motives. Nonetheless, the Ogopogo is now front page news and our university has been praised for taking a leadership role in the quest to solve the mystery of our province’s beloved lake monster. I firmly believe that this publicity will inspire a great number of high school students and those presently attending other universities to apply for admission to UBC in the fall,”
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