Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty

Chapter Eighty
“I think it’s a fair conclusion to draw that Ryan and Monique will be going on that crazy Ogopogo expedition along with the University of British Columbia students,” said Meg Richards while preparing coffee for her brother John.
“Yes, I would think that would be a fairly safe guess,” answered John. Who knows they both may end up attending The University of British Columbia during the fall semester.”
“What makes you say that?” asked Meg.
“Well, it’s fairly obvious to me that they’re both in love with each other.”
“If you’re right this could lead to quite a complicated situation when September arrives.”
“Yeah, I don’t want to think about it. If they both do decide to stay here past the summer I’ll have to talk to Susan and see what kind of arrangements we’ll need to make,” said John.
“I could see that getting a little dicey,” Meg pointed out.
“Yeah, tell me about it,” said John with a sigh. I certainly wasn’t expecting this when my kids came over for the summer, or more correctly, what I assumed was only going to be for the summer.”
“Well, life is full of little surprises isn’t it, John?” said Meg.
“Speaking of little surprises I phoned Dean Sanderson at UBC the other day. We got talking about Ryan and Monique going on the expedition and I told him that I had more than a little interest in searching for Ogopogo myself. I told him that I was a writer and was looking for an idea for a new novel. I asked him if I could join their group and help out wherever I was needed on the project,” said John.
“Somehow, I’m not as surprised as you may think, John Richards,” replied Meg.
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