Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Seventy-Nine

Chapter Seventy-Nine
“Well, at least you’re not telling us that the large marine predator is Ogopogo as I’m sure Kelowna Sun reporter, Bobby O’Connor is going to insinuate to his readers,” said Sheriff George Anderson with a sigh of relief.
“I’m sure that Dr.Phelge could provide a more educated opinion on whether or not the predator was Ogopogo,” said Dr. Mitchell.
“What? Are you saying that you believe in Ogopogo?” asked the Sheriff with a look of astonishment. “You’re pulling my leg now, aren’t you doc?”
“No, I’m a medical professional and a trained scientist. I’ve learned not to discount any possibility until it has been conclusively ruled out. My father used to spend a lot of time on Lake Okanogan and he claims to have seen Ogopogo upon two occasions,” answered Marsha in an undoubtedly serious tone of voice.
“Oh great. Just wait until Bobby O’Connor asks you for an interview and you tell him that,” said George shaking his head and looking down at the floor.
“I would simply tell Mr. O’Connor what I have told you. If he asks if Ogopogo could be the unknown predator in this case, I would tell the reporter that anything is possible, but that it would be unlikely in this case. We, presently, don’t have enough evidence to go on,” Marsha clarified.
“I can guarantee that O’Connor will ask you if you believe in Ogopogo,” said the sheriff.
“Once again, I would be very professional and careful in what I would say to him. I wouldn’t want to help him sensationalize his newspaper reporting. On the other hand, I don’t have any idea what Dr. Phelge is going to say to him. It is very likely that Mr. O’Connor will want to interview the professor,” answered Marsha.
“Oh, I think that ‘s a given,” interjected Deputy Bill Rollins. “The media’s first stop is usually Dr. Phelge’s office when something controversial happens.”
“And I’m sure that Phelge will tell O’Connor that an Ogopogo encounter is a distinct possibility. The professor is quite biased in his interpretations of paranormal phenomena. The only thing that we can be happy about is that he is considered to be a weird bird by his colleagues,” said George.
“A bit eccentric for sure, but he is still a darling of the media and the public in general,” said Bill.
“Let’s face it,” said the Sheriff. “There is something within human beings that is attracted by magic, the mysterious and the extra ordinary. They want to believe that there is something out there in the world that has not yet been discovered,”
“I didn’t know that you were so philosophical, Boss. Oh, there are so many things that you still don’t know about me Bill,” replied George Anderson with a chuckle.
Chapter Eighty


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