Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty-Eight

Chapter Eighty-Eight
“From what I’ve heard, Winston, you are a renowned and respected scientist. Why would the Department of Fisheries want to lose you?” asked Garry.
“That’s a very good question. You have to know how a large bureaucracy works, Garry, “said Winston taking a quick glance at the lake.
“When large government departments are involved, the top administrators never want to be challenged by their subordinates. They have big, but fragile egos that are easily bruised by anyone who thinks outside the box.”
“Like you,” said Garry.
“Like me,” said Winston. “I’ve always been one to speak my own mind, Come to think of it, I first got in trouble for that in kindergarten. I asked the teacher why we couldn’t have chocolate milk instead of white milk. If my memory serves me well, she sent me to the principal’s office to discuss the matter.”
“That is certainly starting young,” said Garry.
“Yes, it is, but I guess I haven’t learned my lesson yet,” said Winston. “Now instead of challenging my teachers, I give my supervisors headaches.
“Do you regret challenging authority?” asked Garry.
“No, only ordinary people don’t question authority. They live their lives in fear, frustration and desperation. They probably wish that they had the capacity to ask the hard questions in life,” Winston responded.

“Your supervisors didn’t believe your story about your diver’s encounter with Ogopogo, did they Gramps?” asked Wally already knowing the answer.
“Of course not. At least they would never say publicly that they believed me. They feared that if they sided with me they would be laughed at and possibly disciplined by their bosses. On second thought it’s highly unlikely they believed my story at all. They probably have me labelled as some eccentric old fool. We only have free speech in this country if we’re willing to suffer the consequences,” answered Winston as the breeze blew through his hair,
“Some people might say you’re not a good role for us,” joked Wally as he buttoned up his windbreaker,
“And they’d probably be right,” said Winston with a twinkle in his eye.
“It’s getting a little chilly on deck. I think I’ll put on a windbreaker,” said Wally.

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