Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty-Six

Chapter Eighty-Six
After a hearty breakfast, Winston and his two young charges boarded Winston’s large, white cabin cruiser.
“Wow, this boat is huge. You weren’t kidding Mr. Stanfield when you told us you had a big boat. It’s beautiful,” said Garry.
“Not Mr. Stanfield, Garry. Just call me Winston, please. Yes, it is an extremely large vessel but we’re searching for a very large creature, possibly fifty to sixty feet long,” said Winston.
“Do you really think we’ll see Ogopogo today, Gramps?” asked Wally.
“It’s not likely, but who knows? At the very least we’ll have a very enjoyable boat ride. It’s such perfect weather to be out on the lake. These creatures don’t come up to the surface too often unless they spot some birds near the surface of the lake. Then it’s feeding time for these animals,” answered Winston.
“So the birds are prey for Ogopogo?” Wally inquired.
“Yes, Ogopogo feeds on birds and any fish that appeal to his taste buds,” answered Winston.
The boat was now moving at a slow, calm pace. Garry couldn’t help taking in the beautiful scenery. They were presently passing through a part of Lake Okanagan that was populated with many cottages on the shore. Many tourists visited the lake on their holidays,
“Could we be prey for Ogopogo?” asked Garry when he had broken out of his reverie.
“It’s possible,” said Winston, “But only if the creature thinks we’re hunting him. “Fortunately, there aren’t any reports of Ogopogo eating anyone, but some people have claimed that they have been chased by the creature. There was a swimmer who was training for a marathon not too long ago. He told that media that he was certain that he was being closely followed by two animals that fit the description of Ogopogo. He said that he jumped in his rescue boat as soon as it passed by him. He told the press that he had never been more afraid in his life.”


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