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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Four

Chapter Ninety-Four

John Richards woke up with a start. He had been having a nightmare about Ogopogo attacking Ryan and Stephanie. He could feel that the tee shirt that he wore to bed was damp with perspiration. John let out a deep sigh of relief when he realized that it had only been a dream. He turned his head to look at his digital alarm clock. The clock displayed 3:33 AM. As John fell asleep shortly after midnight he realized that he only had about three and a half hours sleep. John reached for his pack of Cameo cigarettes on the night table. He decided that he would have a smoke to calm himself. After he finished his cigarette he would decide whether or not he should get up for the day or try to fall back asleep for a few more hours.
John thought of another reason why he had trouble sleeping. He had been dreading today’s visit at the hospital with his father. It had been several months since he had last had a phone conversation with his dad.

This last talk with Robert Richards had been a tense one for both father and son.
John had been reticent to discuss his father’s cancer and the strong possibility that Robert could die within a few months. John and his father had usually had a hard time talking about deep, heart felt personal issues.
Like most sons John had wanted to make his father proud of him. John remembered a time when he was a teenager and he knew that his dad had been proud of him. For three years John had been a star athlete at his local high school. He had been an outstanding linebacker on the football team and was the star goalie of his hockey team.
Robert made a priority of attending as many of his son’s games as possible. His face beamed with pride every time the crowd would cheer his son’s athletic performances. John had the knack for making a crucial tackle during a football game or making a near impossible save during a hockey game. John had twice received a standing ovation from the fans when he stopped penalty shots during hockey games. Robert Richards would always remember how proud he had felt when a scout for The Kelowna Katfish had approached him and asked him if his son would like to play goal for the Katfish in the near future.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Three

Chapter Ninety-Three
“How will we know if Ogopogo is close to us when it’s under the water?” asked Garry.
“I’m glad you asked,” said Winston with a twinkle in his eye. “I’m going to take you guys down to the lower deck so that I can show you guys something very interesting.
As soon as the boys were down the steps, they were dazzled by flashing, colorful lights and wall to wall technological instruments.
“Wow!” was all the boys could say.
“This is awesome, Winston. You’ve got electronic devices and computer monitors everywhere,” said Garry.
“Your next job, Gramps, will be to tell us what all this stuff does,” said Wally.
“That’s exactly what I was going to do next,” said Winston seating himself in a chair beside the closest computer monitor on the left.
“Now, let’s start right where I’m sitting. As you can see this computer monitor is divided into four screen sections. It gives us four different views of the lake. We’ll eventually take turns monitoring this device just in case one of our cameras picks up on any unusual activity near the surface of the lake.
But as Garry asked, “What if the creature is near our ship but is below the water?” said Winston. When we’re back on the main deck I’m going to lower a sensor deep into the lake. The sensor has microphones that will pick up on any sounds emanating from under the surface. The closer an object gets to the sensor the louder it’s going to beep. The sensor also has the capacity of detecting large objects coming near it and giving off an even louder signal.”
“Wow, you seem to have thought of everything,” said Wally.
“Who designed all this stuff anyway?” asked Garry.
“This boat certainly has it all, doesn’t it?” asked Winston grinning from ear to ear. If I don’t have a piece of technology on this boat, it hasn’t been invented yet,” he laughed. “Actually, I helped design most of this equipment myself with the help of an IT expert I know.”
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Two

Chapter Ninety-Two

Garry and Wally were all set to board Winston Stanfield’s enormous state of the art cabin cruiser. Winston and an engineer friend of his had designed the boat together. It was painted white with red trim. The boys noticed that the main deck of the ship had three powerful telescopes mounted on both the left and right hand sides.
“With six telescopes we won’t miss sighting Ogopogo if he decides to surface today,” said Garry.
“That’s definitely possible,” added Wally. “The creature has to get hungry sometime and I can see a ton of birds flying close to the surface.”
“It’s a perfect day for a boat ride today. The water looks calm, the sun is shining brightly and I don’t see a dark cloud in sight. It’s what as known as ‘Ogopogo weather’. Yes, indeed, we might get lucky today and see Ogopogo,” said Winston.
“What part of the lake are we headed for, Winston?” asked Garry.
“We’re going to use some strategy today, boys. The majority of good sightings have been in the general vicinity of Squally Point and Rattlesnake Island. So that’s where we’re headed,” answered Winston.

“It appears that all the famous lake monsters have a favorite location. For example, Nessie’s favorite spot is near Urquhart Castle,” noted Wally.
“That’s because Loch Ness reaches its greatest depths in that area. The beast very likely has her lair deep in the depths around Urquhart Castle,” said Winston.
“What about Ogopogo? Where do you think its lair is situated?” asked Garry.
“Right where we’re headed now. The area surrounding Squally Point and Rattlesnake Lake is a very logical place for Ogopogo to have his home base. There are plenty of fish such as trout and salmon in that vicinity and the lake also reaches its greatest depths around there,” answered Winston. “This is where my diver friend was when he had a rather frightening encounter with the lake monster. He had discovered several deep ridges and caverns around Rattlesnake Island. He told me that a very large animal could easily hide in some of these deep caverns.”
“How’s your diver buddy doing now?” asked Wally.
“Not that great,” answered Winston. “I spoke to him about a week ago and he told me that he was still getting nightmares about the incident. He also said that he’s never going diving in that area of the lake again.”
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-One

Chapter Ninety-One
For a little while, Jack Kimberly was unaware of what Blake was doing behind his back. This ended when Jack received a phone call from one of his down-line informing him of Blake’s treachery. Blake hadn’t even offered Jack an opportunity or a position in the new company. This caused Jack to seethe with anger.
Jack stayed awake for many nights trying to come up with a plan to get revenge on Blake. He preferred to have an action plan that was legal. He did not want to go to jail in the process of getting revenge.
After another of his sleepless nights, Jack sluggishly got himself out of bed. He opened his front door and retrieved the morning edition of The Kelowna Sun.
As Jack skimmed through the newspaper the first thing that captured his attention was an article by reporter, Bobby O’Connor. The article was about Ogopogo and mentioned Blake Riley’s plans to finance an expedition to search for the legendary lake monster.
Jack Kimberley now knew what his plan to get revenge on Blake would be. He needed to find a way to derail Blake’s expedition.

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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety

Chapter Ninety
Blake and Jack Kimberly had been at odds lately. Their business ideas were starting to diverge. Blake had been pondering on how he could legally get away from Jack and now he saw a way out. It would be through his new girlfriend, Debra Lane.
One evening Debra Lane offered to treat Blake to dinner at a high class hotel dining room. He eagerly accepted her offer and they met in the luxurious dining room of an upscale exclusive hotel. When the waiter arrived at their table to give them both menus and to take their orders, both Blake and Debra ordered drinks while they decided on what they would like to have as their main meals.
“Blake, I’ll get right to the point. You know that you are a very handsome man and that I am physically attracted to you. However, I believe that we have a great deal more than that going for us,” said Debra taking a sip from her glass of water.
Blake found Debra to be just as attractive. Debra had long straight blonde hair, a trim, fit figure and gorgeous long legs, She had already told him that she was twenty-four years old and was very dissatisfied with her present marriage. She came from a wealthy family and was now missing many of the luxuries that she had enjoyed while living with her parents.
When Debra first met her husband Roman, he had been an up and coming star in a major life insurance company. He was so charismatic that he had little difficulty selling both life insurance and investment products. It appeared that Roman would soon be a member of the exclusive Million Dollar Round Table group of insurance salesman and would be making an impressive income that was bound to keep increasing with each passing year.
The problem was that although Roman enjoyed money and the things that he could buy with it, he was, at heart, an artist. He loved to create things such as fascinating novels and this led to much conflict between himself and his wife. Debra was not at all supportive of her husband’s artistic endeavors. She wanted him out of the house making large sums of money not creating abstract oil paintings. This last year his insurance and investment policies sales had actually decreased from the previous year. Instead of lining up meetings with prospective clients, Roland was now spending more time at home working on his writing and painting.
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Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty-Nine

Chapter Eighty-Nine

During his entrepreneurial career Blake Riley had made more than a few enemies. He had not always been the most honest or loyal business partner.
There was one particular business partner that held a very strong grudge against Blake Riley This fellow has seriously considered putting a hit on Blake.
The man’s name is Jake Kimberly. He and Blake were once the top distributors in a new start-up network marketing company, Blake had sponsored Jake into the business. This meant that Jake and everyone he personally sponsored would become part of Blake’s down line or personal organization. After about a year the two entrepreneurs had both built their businesses to the point that they were both making seven figures annually.
During their second year in business Blake met up with a young attractive woman named Debra Lane who was starting up her own multi-level marketing business. Blake was immediately taken with her. It didn’t seem to bother him that she was married. When they started their affair the woman’s attraction to Blake went well beyond the romantic. She had been looking for an experienced, already successful network marketer who would be able to help get her business off the ground. The woman was also hoping to find somebody who would both invest his own money in her business venture and would be willing to convince a significant number of his down line to jump ship and follow him along to join the new start-up. Blake definitely appeared to fit the bill. Debra was also hoping to make Blake the vice president of her company.

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