Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Eighty-Nine

Chapter Eighty-Nine

During his entrepreneurial career Blake Riley had made more than a few enemies. He had not always been the most honest or loyal business partner.
There was one particular business partner that held a very strong grudge against Blake Riley This fellow has seriously considered putting a hit on Blake.
The man’s name is Jake Kimberly. He and Blake were once the top distributors in a new start-up network marketing company, Blake had sponsored Jake into the business. This meant that Jake and everyone he personally sponsored would become part of Blake’s down line or personal organization. After about a year the two entrepreneurs had both built their businesses to the point that they were both making seven figures annually.
During their second year in business Blake met up with a young attractive woman named Debra Lane who was starting up her own multi-level marketing business. Blake was immediately taken with her. It didn’t seem to bother him that she was married. When they started their affair the woman’s attraction to Blake went well beyond the romantic. She had been looking for an experienced, already successful network marketer who would be able to help get her business off the ground. The woman was also hoping to find somebody who would both invest his own money in her business venture and would be willing to convince a significant number of his down line to jump ship and follow him along to join the new start-up. Blake definitely appeared to fit the bill. Debra was also hoping to make Blake the vice president of her company.

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