Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-One

Chapter Ninety-One
For a little while, Jack Kimberly was unaware of what Blake was doing behind his back. This ended when Jack received a phone call from one of his down-line informing him of Blake’s treachery. Blake hadn’t even offered Jack an opportunity or a position in the new company. This caused Jack to seethe with anger.
Jack stayed awake for many nights trying to come up with a plan to get revenge on Blake. He preferred to have an action plan that was legal. He did not want to go to jail in the process of getting revenge.
After another of his sleepless nights, Jack sluggishly got himself out of bed. He opened his front door and retrieved the morning edition of The Kelowna Sun.
As Jack skimmed through the newspaper the first thing that captured his attention was an article by reporter, Bobby O’Connor. The article was about Ogopogo and mentioned Blake Riley’s plans to finance an expedition to search for the legendary lake monster.
Jack Kimberley now knew what his plan to get revenge on Blake would be. He needed to find a way to derail Blake’s expedition.

Picture 58


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