Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Two

Chapter Ninety-Two

Garry and Wally were all set to board Winston Stanfield’s enormous state of the art cabin cruiser. Winston and an engineer friend of his had designed the boat together. It was painted white with red trim. The boys noticed that the main deck of the ship had three powerful telescopes mounted on both the left and right hand sides.
“With six telescopes we won’t miss sighting Ogopogo if he decides to surface today,” said Garry.
“That’s definitely possible,” added Wally. “The creature has to get hungry sometime and I can see a ton of birds flying close to the surface.”
“It’s a perfect day for a boat ride today. The water looks calm, the sun is shining brightly and I don’t see a dark cloud in sight. It’s what as known as ‘Ogopogo weather’. Yes, indeed, we might get lucky today and see Ogopogo,” said Winston.
“What part of the lake are we headed for, Winston?” asked Garry.
“We’re going to use some strategy today, boys. The majority of good sightings have been in the general vicinity of Squally Point and Rattlesnake Island. So that’s where we’re headed,” answered Winston.

“It appears that all the famous lake monsters have a favorite location. For example, Nessie’s favorite spot is near Urquhart Castle,” noted Wally.
“That’s because Loch Ness reaches its greatest depths in that area. The beast very likely has her lair deep in the depths around Urquhart Castle,” said Winston.
“What about Ogopogo? Where do you think its lair is situated?” asked Garry.
“Right where we’re headed now. The area surrounding Squally Point and Rattlesnake Lake is a very logical place for Ogopogo to have his home base. There are plenty of fish such as trout and salmon in that vicinity and the lake also reaches its greatest depths around there,” answered Winston. “This is where my diver friend was when he had a rather frightening encounter with the lake monster. He had discovered several deep ridges and caverns around Rattlesnake Island. He told me that a very large animal could easily hide in some of these deep caverns.”
“How’s your diver buddy doing now?” asked Wally.
“Not that great,” answered Winston. “I spoke to him about a week ago and he told me that he was still getting nightmares about the incident. He also said that he’s never going diving in that area of the lake again.”
ibrown lake monster

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