Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety

Chapter Ninety
Blake and Jack Kimberly had been at odds lately. Their business ideas were starting to diverge. Blake had been pondering on how he could legally get away from Jack and now he saw a way out. It would be through his new girlfriend, Debra Lane.
One evening Debra Lane offered to treat Blake to dinner at a high class hotel dining room. He eagerly accepted her offer and they met in the luxurious dining room of an upscale exclusive hotel. When the waiter arrived at their table to give them both menus and to take their orders, both Blake and Debra ordered drinks while they decided on what they would like to have as their main meals.
“Blake, I’ll get right to the point. You know that you are a very handsome man and that I am physically attracted to you. However, I believe that we have a great deal more than that going for us,” said Debra taking a sip from her glass of water.
Blake found Debra to be just as attractive. Debra had long straight blonde hair, a trim, fit figure and gorgeous long legs, She had already told him that she was twenty-four years old and was very dissatisfied with her present marriage. She came from a wealthy family and was now missing many of the luxuries that she had enjoyed while living with her parents.
When Debra first met her husband Roman, he had been an up and coming star in a major life insurance company. He was so charismatic that he had little difficulty selling both life insurance and investment products. It appeared that Roman would soon be a member of the exclusive Million Dollar Round Table group of insurance salesman and would be making an impressive income that was bound to keep increasing with each passing year.
The problem was that although Roman enjoyed money and the things that he could buy with it, he was, at heart, an artist. He loved to create things such as fascinating novels and this led to much conflict between himself and his wife. Debra was not at all supportive of her husband’s artistic endeavors. She wanted him out of the house making large sums of money not creating abstract oil paintings. This last year his insurance and investment policies sales had actually decreased from the previous year. Instead of lining up meetings with prospective clients, Roland was now spending more time at home working on his writing and painting.
Picture 61


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