Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Seven

Chapter Ninety-Eight

Winston Standfield was down in the boat’s lower deck thinking about what he should make for lunch. A few summers before he had taught Wally how to operate his boat.
Wally, with the wind almost blowing off his battered, old baseball cap, was enjoying navigating his Grandpa’s cabin cruiser. While guiding the vessel towards Squally Point he heard Garry calling out to him.
Garry had been looking out one of the telescopes situated on the left hand side of the ship.
“Wally, come quick! I see something. Come have a look.”
“Wally ran to the telescope nearest to Garry. As soon as he looked into the telescope he could see what his friend was talking about.
“Do you see it?” said Garry with an excited high pitched voice.
Wally could see some activity about one hundred metres from the boat. There were a flock of birds making a fast retreat from the surface of the lake. Wally could also see a large grey hump in the same area from which the birds had just made their escape.
Garry cried out, “We’ve got to tell Winston!”
“No, hold up,” said Wally. “I’ve lost sight of the hump. It appears to have submerged.”
boats 2


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