Revised Edition of The Lake Demon Chapter Ninety-Nine

Chapter Ninety-Nine

“Hey, Bobby. It’s Jack Kimberly, man.”
“Jack Kimberly? I haven’t heard from you since high school,” said Bobby trying to finish chewing a piece of his lemon Danish.

Jack reached for his coffee while he sank back into his favorite black Lazy Boy chair.
“Yeah, it’s been awhile buddy. I was just thinking about you and Mike O’Grady.”
“Mike O’Grady? I just talked to him a few weeks ago. I asked him to look at a couple of photos and to tell me if he thought they were authentic or fakes,” Bobby said, finally having finished his piece of Danish. He sat back in his chair and loosened his tie getting prepared for some pleasurable reminiscing with an old friend.

“How’s Mikey doing these days?” asked Jack.

“Not the greatest. The last decade or so, hasn’t been very kind to him,” answered Bobby.

“Geez, I’m sorry to hear that. What’s been giving Mike trouble?” asked Jack.

“Well, his health hasn’t been that good. He’s got arthritis in his knees and his back and he’s really obese now.”

At least that hasn’t changed. He and I were the two fattest kids in grade five,” said Jack.

“Mike also has emphysema but he still smokes like a chimney,” Bobby continued. “Because of his health he collects disability now. He makes a little money on the side repairing computers for a few clients.”
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