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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1, Excerpt 6)

Robert: Howie is right. He’s still alive but he’s struggling to breathe.

Narrator: It isn’t long before a fire truck and ambulance arrive from behind the hill. A firefighter and paramedic get out of their vehicles.

Otis: You’re right Frank. It’s a plane crash all right.

Frank: Wow! What a mess. Hello boys. Did you find any survivors?

Prof. Stone: There appears to be only one survivor. Robert and Howie are both trying to get him out of the cockpit right now.

Chris: Wow! Two trained professionals to the rescue.

Otis: Well now, we’re not real firefighters and paramedics. We’re only volunteers. The mayor is too cheap to hire real professionals.

Frank: Don’t worry boys. Otis here is real good with a fire hose. And

Prof. Stone: Now hold on, General. This poor creature is not your prisoner. He needs immediate medical attention.

Gen. Kane: Is that so? Hey, I know you. You’re that goofy professor I saw on the Discovery Channel last night. You’re the old geezer who went out hunting for dinosaur bones. Now listen up, egghead. You and your students didn’t see anything unusual out here today. You saw nothing and you heard nothing. In fact, as far as you’re concerned today never happened. If you people tell anyone about the crashed spacecraft or these aliens, they’ll be looking for your bones in the desert by morning. Do I make myself clear?

Professor Stone: Perfectly clear sir. Your secret is safe with us.

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The Writing Process (Part Five) Writer’s Block

How To Break Through Writer’s Block (Part One)
Several times over the last few years I have run into a bad case of what is known as writer’s block. For me writer’s block raises its ugly head when I know I should be working at my word processor but I can’t seem to follow through.
I spend a good part of my day on my PC doing other things so physically getting close to my word processor is not a problem. The question is when will I open up Microsoft Word 2013.
Why do I find it so hard to get started with my writing?
1) I am feeling distracted by noise or other people are near my writing space. I need to let them know that I am going to be starting my work in a few minutes and ask them politely to go to another room or to refrain from disturbing me for the next hour. They are only to disturb me if there’s an emergency situation. I have found that the best solution to this problem is to get up early in the morning and work on my writing when other people in the house are sleeping. Also, I find that I do my best writing in the early hours of the morning.
2) I can’t seem to motivate my fingers to tap the keyboard. I tell myself that I will just check my facebook page for a few minutes. Next I start writing short comments on my friends’ pages or briefly update my status. There, now I’ve warmed up on the keyboard.
3) Sometimes I get overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Something in my head will tell me things such as, “What makes you think you’re a good writer?”
“You’re not smart enough to be a successful novelist.”
“It’s too much work being a writer.”
I have found that these negative thoughts have to be countered with a positive statement. For example:
“I know I’m a good writer because I have almost three hundred regular followers on and I get a lot of “likes” on my posts.”
“My IQ is in the bright normal range. This is sufficient intelligence to be a successful author.
“Learning any new trade or profession requires a great deal of work, but all I need to do is a little bit of writing every day.
(to be continued)


Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 6)

Act Two Scene One:

Narrator: About 30 miles northwest of Corona New Mexico an archeology professor and his students are out in the desert looking for dinosaur bones.

Michael: Professor, some harsh light is reflecting right in my eyes.

Prof. Stone: It’s probably coming from that silver object embedded in the hill about 50 yards away.

Robert: Can we go see what it is, sir?

Prof. Stone: Of course. From here it looks like some kind of aircraft that’s crashed. Let’s check if any passengers are injured.

Narrator: The professor and his young charges jog out to the hill.

Chris: Wow, what a weird looking aircraft. It’s shaped like a triangle.

Howie: This is getting too creepy for me, man. Let’s get out of here.

Professor Stone: Not until we check for injured passengers. Howie, if you ever expect to make it as an archaeologist you can’t keep

wimping out like this.

Howie: Sorry sir, I forgot all about my civic duty.

Prof. Stone: It’s okay son. We all have our weak moments.

Michael: Over here guys. Check out what’s on the other side of this craft.

Chris: I don’t believe it. There’s two little men in silver suits just outside the craft.

Prof. Stone: I’m not so sure they’re human. Look at their large heads and tiny bodies.

Howard: Whatever they are, they’re not doing too good right now. I
can’t get a pulse on either one of these guys.

Michael: We probably can’t help those two, but let’s see if there’s anyone inside the craft who’s still alive.

Narrator: Robert pries open the door of the cockpit with a crowbar. When he looks inside he sees two little creatures slumped into their seats. Chris gives one of the strange creatures in the silver suit a shake.

Chris: This little guy is as dead as the two outside the spacecraft.

Howie: Not this one though. Look his arm is trembling.

purple aliens

The Writing Process (Part Four)

The Writing Process (Part Four)
Most if not all people are born with the desire to create. I believe that all young children cannot help but have the desire to create something that began in their imagination. Just watch a child open a box of Lego and you”ll see what I mean.
Creativity is usually thought of as being solely related to the fine arts. When somebody says that someone they know is creative they will talk about their friend’s drawings, paintings, song writing, poetry, plays, novels, videos etc.
The fact is that this is too limited a definition of creativity. A person who knows how to repair household appliances or how to fix cars will always amaze me. We often don’t realize that people working in the trades frequently have to come up with creative solutions to problems related to their work. People who are entrepreneurs are often gifted with creativity in coming up with new and novel business ideas. Although writing is an excellent way to express oneself, we writers are not the only humans living on this earth who are gifted with creativity.
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The Writing Process (Part Three) by Ken David Stewart

The Writing Process (Part Three)
When I became an aspiring writer I didn’t have much difficulty writing as I already had an idea for a novel. I just sort of put the pedal to the metal and let my own pent up desire to write do its thing. I had just a few ideas on what direction my first novel would take. I planned it out to a small extent but soon found myself writing by the seat of my pants. This approach has worked out very well for some writers, notably, Stephen King. The problem with this technique is that somewhere in your novel you will probably hit a road block where you don’t know where the story is going to go from here.
This situation often causes the dreaded condition known as writer’s block. I have found several books available that focus solely on how to break out of writer’s block. The greatest danger with writer’s block is that it can cause some good aspiring authors to quit writing. In my next article I will tell you a few strategies that I use to break through writer’s block.
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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 6)

About the Author (Part One)
As I have acquired some new followers on, facebook, figment, Booksie, twitter and Wattpad recently, I decided to write a rough draft for a new video blog I hope to release soon.
My internet video blog show is called What’s Up? which is a really casual video blog on a large variety of topics, themes and recent developments.
I have been a substitute teacher for River East Transcona School Division for about three years now. I absolutely love the job for a variety of reasons. When I’m not out subbing I can usually be found on my computer listening to music and audio books, reading ebooks, writing my own written, audio and video blogs and watching some movies and tv shows.
My second job at this time is that of an aspiring writer. I started writing my own original work when I was working in a mental health rehabilitation facility. While I worked there I taught a drama class to the residents. When I found that I was having a difficult time finding both age appropriate and entertaining educational plays for my students I started writing my own plays. I started off by writing a drama version of The Escaped Convict. This was followed by my personal favorite, Roswell 1947. Over the years I have revised this play at least three times and still have to work on a ready to be published edition.
I had so much fun writing my plays that I decided to continue writing after I left my job at The Mental Health Center. I thought I might try my hand at writing short stories, novellas and novels and possibly a few poems this time around. I will likely even write a devotional book. I have found that writing can be quite addictive. The aspect of the writing life that I find most challenging is formatting but I’m trying to teach myself how to do this properly.
Probably my personal favorite of my original works that I have written is The Roswell 1947 Play. I found that this play almost wrote itself and that I would often burst out laughing at the inherent comedy in the play as I was writing it. There is a lot of slap stick and bathroom humour in this piece of writing. Actually it’s a very bizarre play that I would highly recommend to my readers, fans and followers.
A few years ago I wrote a short novella called Lake Mariposa. I also got a lot of enjoyment writing this one. Its theme is a coming of age story that takes place in the nineteen sixties and that focuses on the exhilarating pleasure and devastating pain of unrequited young love.
I presently have three works in progress. They are all novels. One is titled The Cover Up. Thematically it deals with the abysmal failure of our present mental health system. The second work in progress is about life on the independent wrestling circuit.
I am presently working most actively on my third work in progress, a novel called The Lake Demon. This is a sort of stream of conscious novel that on one level deals with an expedition to search for the elusive, Canadian lake monster, Ogopogo. On another level the story is about man’s attempts to wrestle with his own personal demons. I am basically writing this novel using a flying by the seat of my pants approach.
Recently I have signed on as a member of a few internet writers’ sites including Wattpad,, Booksie, Figment and Mibba. While perusing these sights I have had the privilege of reading other aspiring writers’ works. I was amazed to see how good their writing is and that the majority of new writers are young people. This is good to see. I hope they don’t get discouraged and keep on rocking out with their personal writing.
The stories that I most enjoy have very strong and unusual characters. The writer who I believe does the best job of characterization is Stephen King. I’m running out of gas so I’ll just wrap this session up as Part One and continue on with Part Two later. Have a great day,
Ken David Stewart
PS I’m also a fanatic professional wrestling fan.
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Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 5)

Chapter 53:
Bobby O’Conner recovered his composure enough to make an appointment to meet Harvey Perkins, the fisherman who claimed to have seen Ogopogo earlier in the day. They agreed to meet at Tim Horton’s at 5:00 PM.
As Bobby got in his car to drive to Mike O’Grady’s apartment he thought that his future as a reporter with The Kelowna Sun might still be salvageable. He had to admit that the witnesses that he talked to today both sounded credible.
At 2:00PM Bobby parked his black Pontiac Grand Am on the street across from Mike O’Grady’s apartment. Mike lived in a run -down inner city area. Bobby made sure that he locked his car before he walked across the street. He walked up a flight of rickety, wooden stairs to Mike’s apartment. Bobby thought that he could smell the faintly detectable scent of urine in the hall.
Bobby knocked on Mike’s door but it took at least a minute before his friend answered it.
Mike O’Grady has been in a compromised state of health for most of the last five years. The former photo analysis expert is now sixty-three years old and suffers from both arthritis and emphysema. The fact that Mike weighs nearly three hundred pounds and still smokes as many cigarettes as his lungs can handle hasn’t helped matters. Mike walks with a slight limp and uses a walker to help him get around.
“Have a seat Bobby if you can find one. You may have to move a few books off the couch,” said Mike.
To say that Mike O’Grady’s tiny bachelor apartment was cluttered would be a great understatement. Books, magazines, newspapers, compact discs and videos were scattered everywhere. Mike’s carpet looked like it had not met up with a vacuum cleaner in the last six months.
“Hand over your pictures and I’ll have a look at them,” said Mike sinking into his chair with a loud groan. ”Damn arthritis!”
Mike studied the first picture carefully. He turned the picture around and studied it from several angles. He held the picture close to his face and then moved it about an arm’s length away.
“It’s authentic, all right,” said Mike. He picked up the second photo and went through exactly the same procedure.
“Both pictures are real. They are not touched up, nor have they been tampered with in any way,” said Mike.
“How can you be so sure Mike? You haven’t studied the pictures using any of your instruments.” said Bobby.
“I don’t need to, but I will if it will put your mind more at ease. I’ve been doing this type of science long
enough to spot a fake just by examining it with the naked eye.”
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