Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt Two)

lake monster

Chapter Thirty-One:

Garry felt very uncomfortable during the bus ride to Kelowna. He was starting to withdraw from the lorazepam in his system. The sudden withdrawal caused Garry’s state of anxiety to significantly increase. He also began to have both visual and auditory hallucinations during the bus ride as the residual effects of his anti- psychotic medications wore off. Garry was certain that the other passengers on the bus knew the secret about Garry’s parents. He also believed that a few passengers were also reptilians from the same planet as his parents. Garry’s auditory hallucinations involved other people on the bus talking about him. He heard the ones that he thought were extraterrestrials talking about how they would sabotage Garry’s efforts to talk to his aunt and uncle.
Garry walked up to the front of the bus to talk to the driver. ”Sir, I need you to stop the bus immediately. I have an important announcement for some of your passengers.”
“What’s this important announcement about?” asked the driver giving Garry a nervous look.
“I want to tell the passengers that I am aware that there are reptilian creatures from another galaxy on this bus. They are trying to stop me from visiting my aunt and uncle. I want to warn them that I have a large knife on me and will kill anyone who tries to interfere with my plans,” answered Garry.
The bus driver had once worked as a psychiatric nurse and could recognize the symptoms of a psychotic break.
“I understand, son. I know that there are reptilians on the bus and I know exactly who they are. When we arrive at Kelowna I will let you get off the bus first and I’ll wait ten minutes before letting off the rest of the passengers. Then I’ll send them off in the opposite direction. You will have a good head start on the reptilians and will arrive at your aunt and uncle’s place safely,” explained the driver.
“Thank you, sir. That sounds like a good plan,” said Garry.
Unfortunately, a passenger closest to the driver overheard the conversation. “Hey, people there’s a wack job up front who has a knife. He’s planning to kill us,” the man announced loudly to the other passengers.”
In a matter of seconds a burly man seated near the front on the other side lunged at Garry and brought him down to the floor. He starting punching Garry in the face until Garry passed out. The man then searched through Garry’s jacket and removed the knife.
The bus driver immediately called in for help. He told the supervisor that he needed the police and an ambulance immediately.


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