The Writing Process (Part Three) by Ken David Stewart

The Writing Process (Part Three)
When I became an aspiring writer I didn’t have much difficulty writing as I already had an idea for a novel. I just sort of put the pedal to the metal and let my own pent up desire to write do its thing. I had just a few ideas on what direction my first novel would take. I planned it out to a small extent but soon found myself writing by the seat of my pants. This approach has worked out very well for some writers, notably, Stephen King. The problem with this technique is that somewhere in your novel you will probably hit a road block where you don’t know where the story is going to go from here.
This situation often causes the dreaded condition known as writer’s block. I have found several books available that focus solely on how to break out of writer’s block. The greatest danger with writer’s block is that it can cause some good aspiring authors to quit writing. In my next article I will tell you a few strategies that I use to break through writer’s block.
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