Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 6)

Act Two Scene One:

Narrator: About 30 miles northwest of Corona New Mexico an archeology professor and his students are out in the desert looking for dinosaur bones.

Michael: Professor, some harsh light is reflecting right in my eyes.

Prof. Stone: It’s probably coming from that silver object embedded in the hill about 50 yards away.

Robert: Can we go see what it is, sir?

Prof. Stone: Of course. From here it looks like some kind of aircraft that’s crashed. Let’s check if any passengers are injured.

Narrator: The professor and his young charges jog out to the hill.

Chris: Wow, what a weird looking aircraft. It’s shaped like a triangle.

Howie: This is getting too creepy for me, man. Let’s get out of here.

Professor Stone: Not until we check for injured passengers. Howie, if you ever expect to make it as an archaeologist you can’t keep

wimping out like this.

Howie: Sorry sir, I forgot all about my civic duty.

Prof. Stone: It’s okay son. We all have our weak moments.

Michael: Over here guys. Check out what’s on the other side of this craft.

Chris: I don’t believe it. There’s two little men in silver suits just outside the craft.

Prof. Stone: I’m not so sure they’re human. Look at their large heads and tiny bodies.

Howard: Whatever they are, they’re not doing too good right now. I
can’t get a pulse on either one of these guys.

Michael: We probably can’t help those two, but let’s see if there’s anyone inside the craft who’s still alive.

Narrator: Robert pries open the door of the cockpit with a crowbar. When he looks inside he sees two little creatures slumped into their seats. Chris gives one of the strange creatures in the silver suit a shake.

Chris: This little guy is as dead as the two outside the spacecraft.

Howie: Not this one though. Look his arm is trembling.

purple aliens


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