Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 8)

Act Two Scene Three:

Narrator: Mick rushes right into the control room at the radio station.

The two DJs, Rick and Dwight are still on the air.

Mick: You guys want to see what those old guys at the general store were all talking about?

Rick: Listeners, we will be right back after an important message from our sponsors.

Narrator: As Rick and Dwight take off your headphones, Mick lays his bag of strange metal pieces on the announcer’s desk.

Rick: What in the bag, Mick?

Mick: It may be pieces from a flying saucer that crashed on my ranch last night.

Dwight: Rick! This is the scoop of the century!

Rick: I know and we”ll be the broadcasters who first broke the story!

Dwight: Rick, we”ll be invited on the Larry King show!

Rick: Easy! Dwight!

Rick: Welcome back, loyal listeners. We’ve got a very special guest on today’s show, rancher Mick Russell.

Dwight: That’s right listeners. Mick has an amazing story to tell us. Mick, tell us what you found on your ranch last night, buddy.

Mick: Well, I think one of them flying saucers they been talking about on the news crashed on my ranch last night.

Narrator: Mick dumps the bag with the metal shards on Rick and Dwight’s desk.

Narrator: Just as Mick starts telling his story General Kane turns up the radio in his army truck.

General Kane: What’s that rancher talking about? Private, get this vehicle to the radio station on the double! We got to shut this cowboy up before he starts a national panic.

Private Enns: Don’t worry sir. I’ll have us there in a flash.

Act II Scene Four:

Narrator: While Rick and Dwight are doing their interview with
Mick Russell, General Kane smashes the glass window in the control room. Private Enns kicks in the door.

Rick: What’s the meaning of this?! We’re on the air!

Narrator: Ignoring the two radio broadcasters, General Kane and Private Enns grab Mick by the arms and hustle him out of the radio station. They throw Mick in the back of the army truck.

Rick: I would just like to let the people of Roswell New Mexico know that Mick Russell has just been hauled out of our control room by two military officers. I thought that we had freedom of speech in this country.

Dwight Yes, loyal listeners, I say this with a heavy heart, “This is indeed a sad day for the American people.”

Narrator: Private Enns locked the door of the army truck. Mick is sitting in the pitch black darkness near the back of the truck. Mick can’t see anyone but he hears labored breathing and the moaning as if someone is in terrible pain. Mick is starting to tremble and is drenched in sweat.

Mick: Who is in here? Man, it smells awful in this truck. I feel like I’m going to puke.

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