Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 9)

Act Two Scene Five:

Narrator: After a long bumpy ride the Army truck stops in front of the Roswell Hospital. Private Enns unlocks the doors of the truck and helps Mick out of the back.

Mick: What you guys doing to me?

General Kane: Shut up Russell. Private Enns, I’ll take the surviving
alien into the hospital. You bring Russell in. We”ll get some of the orderlies to carry in the bodies of the dead aliens.

Narrator: Mick turns around and sees the living alien getting hooked up to an oxygen tank.

Mick: What the heck is that?! Am I in some kind of Stephen King novel?

Narrator: General Kane pushes through the hospital doors while bringing the surviving alien inside. Pvt. Enns is right behind him with Mick in handcuffs.

General Kane: Nurse! Give Mr. Russell, here a shot of grade A horse tranquilizer. He’s having a real bad day and I want him to take a nap. And call some orderlies for me. I need them to unload some bodies from our army truck.

Nurse Carrie: Right away, General!

Narrator Nurse Carrie calls for some orderlies over the intercom. As the orderlies arrive Nurse Carrie gives them their instructions. She tells Mick to lower his trousers and gives him a shot in the backside.

In a few seconds Mick slumps to the floor. Two orderlies lift Mick onto a stretcher.

General Kane: Orderlies, stick this man in a storage room. After I take care of business here I’m taking him back to the Air Force Base for interrogation.

Narrator: While all the commotion is going on in the reception room Dr. Zorba passes by and sees the living alien slumped in a chair taking deep breaths from his oxygen mask.

Dr. Zorba: Nurse, bring this man into the operating room
immediately. I’ll have to work fast to save his life.

Narrator: Nurse Carrie and an orderly help put the alien on a table in the operating room.

Dr. Zorba: This is bizarre. I can hear this creature’s voice in my head but he’s not speaking audibly.

Nurse Carrie: What’s he telling you doctor?

Dr. Zorba: The creature says that he is very frightened and that he doesn’t want to die. He’s telling me the exact medicine he needs to restore him to health. He says that his name is Commander Zig and that he comes from a planet millions of light-years from our solar system.

Nurse Carrie: He’s trying to communicate with me too. He says that
the last thing he remembers is colliding with another spacecraft. He says that he means us no harm.

Narrator: General Kane rushes into the operating room.

Commander Zig (communicating telepathically) Doctor, this man frightens me.

General Kane: Well, what’s the verdict Doc? Can you save this thing or not?

Dr. Zorba: Well, first of all, General he’s not a thing. He’s a highly evolved intelligent being from another universe. He says he means us no harm. In fact, he is very afraid of you.

General Kane: You didn’t answer my question. Will he live?

Dr. Zorba: Yes, he was just explaining to me what treatment he needs when you came barging into the operating room.

General Kane: Are you telling me that the alien can speak English?

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