Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits: (Volume 1, Excerpt 14

Act Four Scene One:

Narrator: General Kane and Private Enns pull up in front of the radio station and see the dogcatcher’s truck. For the second time in one day the military break down the door to the control room.

Mick: Well, like I was saying, these two army guys kidnapped me and threw me in the back of their truck. I rode in the back with three dead aliens and one live one. They took me to the hospital where a nurse gave me a shot of horse tranquilizer in the butt. Woah ! Help me! The Army guys are back!

Rick: Listeners, I’d like to report that two military men have kidnapped Mick Russell for the second time today.

Dwight: Yeah, and right when he was getting to the good part of the story. If Mick escapes again and comes back this evening we won’t have time for him on our show.

Rick: That’s right Dwight. Were scheduled to do an interview with Lloyd the Barber from the Andy Griffin Show.

Dwight: Hang on. I think we have a caller on the line.

Lloyd the Barber: You guys better not cancel my interview. You think your listeners want to hear some bozo go on about flying saucers, aliens and some goofball getting a shot of horse tranquilizer in the backside? Don’t you think they’d rather hear an exclusive interview with a great actor like Lloyd the Barber instead?

Rick: Probably not. But don’t worry Lloyd. Your interview is still on for this evening.
ufo 5


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