Ken David Stewart’s Greatest Hits (Volume 1 Excerpt 18)

The Weird and Fantastical Writings of Ken David Stewart

Act 5 Scene 2:

Narrator: The army truck arrives at the Air Force Base. General Kane escorts Mick to a small, cold, grey interrogation room.

Mick: Get these handcuffs off me! I’m a law abiding citizen.

General Kane: Yeah, right. A law abiding citizen who hijacks a city vehicle and sics a Rottweiler on two city employees. Both those crimes are felony offenses in this state.
Mick: A felony! What do you call kidnapping a civilian and throwing him in the back of a truck full of aliens?

General Kane: Protecting our national security.

Private Enns: What were you thinking, Mick? You go on the radio telling the listeners a half-baked story about flying saucers and aliens. You scared the daylights out of everybody.

Mick: It’s the truth!

General Kane: No, the truth is that all you found was a weather balloon. We’re going to take you back to the…

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