Ken David Stewart (Volume 2 Excerpt 1)

Narrator: Lloyd gets behind the palm tree and start slowly creeping towards Jane’s table by moving his feet just a few inches of a time. In about ten minutes Lloyd is close enough to hear Jane and Dennis talking.

Nurse Jane: It was just horrible Dennis. Dr. Kildare told me to go to operating room number six. I went in and saw three surgeons all crowded around the operating table.
I didn’t recognize any of them. I think they were all from the Mayo Clinic. I also remember seeing two photographers in the room. One was taking still pictures while the other one was using a 16mm film camera. At first I couldn’t see who was on the operating table. Then I was almost overcome by a nauseating foul odor in the room.

Dennis: Was it anything like the smell of the boys’ locker room at Roswell High School after they ate a pork and beans supper?

Jane: No, not quite that bad. More like the restroom at Moe’s Garage.

Dennis: Woah! That is bad. My stomach is feeling queasy just thinking about.

Jane: That’s exactly what happened to me. After a few minutes I had to run to the bathroom to vomit. Before I did, one of the doctors moved out of the way and I saw the creature on the operating table.

Dennis: Creature? What creature? Why would they treat an animal in a hospital for people?

Jane: It wasn’t an animal or a human being. It was short with a large gray head. It had enormous eyes. The doctors cut open its skin and
were taking out its body parts. What was really weird was that I didn’t see any blood coming from the creature. The doctors told me this was a top-secret medical examination and I was never to tell anyone I saw the autopsy. They said that if I ever did, no one would ever see or hear from me again.

Dennis: This is unbelievable. You said the creature was short?

Jane: Yes. He would be around three to four feet tall.

Dennis: About the same size as a small child?

Jane: Yes, I’ll draw a picture of it on this napkin for you as long as we destroy it right after you look at it.

Narrator: Lloyd had been listening very intently to this conversation from behind the rubber palm tree. As Jane draws the sketch of the alien on the napkin, Lloyd copies it on the sleeve of his white shirt.

Jane: Dennis, isn’t that palm tree supposed to be near the front entrance of the bar?

Dennis: Yeah, that’s where it usually is. I guess Dusty must have moved it for some reason.

Narrator: While Dennis is talking, Jane lights the napkin on fire and let’s it burn out in the ashtray.

Jane: We’ve got to leave now, Dennis. I don’t want anyone to know that we had this conversation.

Narrator: Dennis and Jane sneak out the back door of the bar.

Lloyd: (to himself) I don’t believe it. That rancher I heard on the radio was telling the truth! Well, I’m on my way to the radio station. I’m about to give Rick and Dwight the best interview that show ever had.

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