Absolute Chaos Reigns: doctors, nurses, security guards, aliens and wrestlers

Act Eight Scene Three:

Narrator: We are now at the Roswell Hospital. Nurse Jane and Dr. Zorba have the alien on the operating table. The doctor is busy doing an assessment of his patient’s condition when General Kane comes barging into the operating room.

Dr. Zorba: What is the meaning of this? You can’t be in here. I’m examining a patient. Who are you?

General Kane: I am General Kane. I am now your Commander-in-Chief.

Dr. Zorba: I’m not under your command. I’m the Head of Surgery at this hospital.

General Kane: That doesn’t mean a hill of beans to me.

Dr. Zorba: What do you want from me?

General Kane: I want the creature. I’m taking him to the Air Force Base. We are flying in a couple of world renowned scientists to examine it.

Dr. Zorba: You’re not going to take my patient from this hospital until I give my medical clearance.

Narrator: Nurse Carrie hears a voice in her head. It’s the creature trying to communicate telepathically with her.

Nurse Carrie: The creature is trying to tell us something. He communicates telepathically.

Dr. Zorba: What is he saying?

Nurse Carrie: He says that he’s from a distant solar system that he and his crew were doing some exploration of our planet. The creature is now telling me that he is going to send a message to you, doctor.

The Alien (speaking telepathically) : Hello doctor. My name is Captain Zig. Thank you for trying to help me. I’m the commander of my spaceship or at least what’s left of it. Our spacecraft had a head-on collision with another spacecraft that we couldn’t identify. Three of my officers died in the crash. I’m the lone survivor. We only came to your planet to do research. We mean your planet no harm, but this man in the room with you, he scares me.

General Kane: What’s wrong Doc ? You look like you’re in a daze. Snap out of it and hand over this creature.

Dr. Zorba: This creature is an intelligent being from outside our solar system. He needs immediate medical attention. If you want this creature you’ll have to take him by force.

General Kane: It’s on!

Narrator: As General Kane moves toward the alien, Dr. Zorba steps in front of Jane, picks him up and executes a perfect piledriver on General Kane, driving him right into the cement floor.

Private Enns: You can’t do that! The pile driver’s been barred in three wrestling territories.

Dr. Zorba: In extreme circumstances one must resort to extreme measures.

Private Enns: You think you’re pretty tough don’t you, Zorba? Let’s see what you can do against a third-degree black belt.

Narrator: As all this chaos is breaking loose, Nurse Carrie returns holding a bedpan in her hands. When she sees Private Enns position himself in a karate kick stance, she throws the contents of the bedpan into his face. Meanwhile, General Kane, groggily, returns to his feet.

General Kane: You’re a dead man Zorba!

Narrator: Nurse Carrie runs down the hall to get help. When she gets part way down the hall she runs into Jim, the security guard. On each side of Jim are the two escaped convicts Harry O’Finsky and Steve Wyler.

Nurse Carrie: Thank goodness you’re here, Jim! We could really use your help. All hell is breaking loose in the operating room. Come quickly!

Narrator: As Jim, Harry and Steve arrive at the entrance to the operating room they can’t believe their eyes. Dr. Zorba has General
Kane in a camel clutch. Private Enns is in the washroom vomiting and trying to wash the urine and feces from his face and hair.

Steve: Holy crow, Mauler! The doctor is executing a perfect camel clutch on the General.

Narrator: By this time General Kane is howling in pain.

Masked Mauler: Come on, General, tap out! If Dr. Zorba keeps applying that kind of pressure you’ll be crippled.

General Kane: I’m a five-star general! I can take the pain. I’ll never tap out!

Act Eight Scene Four:

Narrator: At this point the Masked Mauler climbs up a tall medicine cabinet. When he gets to the top he leaps off the cabinet applying a vicious skull crusher to Dr. Zorba. Dr. Zorba is knocked out cold. At that moment Sheriff Pyle arrives in the operating room after receiving a 911 call.

Sheriff Pyle: All of you people are under arrest. I’m taking you all down to the courthouse.
alien monkey color


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