Jack Plans for Revenge

Chapter One Hundred Six:
As Jack gave Mike his coffee he began answering Mike’s question.
“There’s a couple of ways we could go with this once your life sized model of Ogopogo is built. One idea I have is to take the replica out to the lake and hire someone start snapping pictures of it. Then I will anonymously mail these photos of the fake Ogopogo to Blake Riley. I will include a letter that says that I am a tourist who happened to see the lake monster on Lake Okanagan and started taking pictures of it. The tourist will write that he took these pictures near Squally Point. When the time is right I will make up another letter from the tourist to the Vancouver Sun. The letter will be addressed to Bobby O’Connor and will state that the photos were fakes. I will wait until Blake has sent these pictures to Bobby claiming that he took them himself. This will prove to the world that Blake is both a liar and a fraud.
I also have another plan in mind. I will hire somebody to phone Blake and tell him to immediately get to a certain location on the lake. The caller will state that he has been watching the lake demon for about ten minutes now. Blake won’t waste any time getting his boat and crew out to the specified location. Meanwhile, I will have hired a couple of divers to manoeuvre your model beneath the surface. Blake will be sure to take a ton of pictures that he will once again send to the Vancouver Sun. I have no doubt that Blake and his crew will even try to capture the phony lake monster, but I will tell my divers to submerge the model and get it out of Blake’s sight.
If Blake’s crew does manage to capture artificial Ogopogo I will have my own video crew nearby to film the look of shock on Blake’s face when he discovers that the Ogopogo he caught is a carved, wooden model. I will then send this video to Bobby O’Connor at the Vancouver Sun. This time Blake will look like a gullible fool.”
“You sure want to get revenge on Blake Riley, don’t you Jack?” stated Mike.
“With every fibre in my being,” Jack answered.

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