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Chapter 127 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 127:
Mike O’Grady was moving between his cameras and camcorders in an almost agile manner. Jack and some of the crew could hardly keep from laughing out loud as they watched their three hundred pound visual technician dance athletically between his cameras. Mike was breathing heavily and perspiring profusely as he barked out directions to the divers telling them in which direction to move his wooden masterpiece. Mike was so engaged in what he was doing that he didn’t seem to realize that it was very unlikely that the divers could hear him. In an almost trance like state Mike paid meticulous attention to the pictures that he was taking. He wanted the model Ogopogo’s movements to look as life like as possible.
Under the water, one of the divers was startled by a heavy object bumping into his body with considerable force. He quickly rose to the surface in time to see a very unusual creature come to the surface. One of Jack’s crew called out to him, “Jack, look to your right!”
“What?” said Jack who was drinking a beer and had been joking happily with one of the lighting technicians. When he turned to look to his right, Jack dropped his bottle of beer on the deck of his cabin cruiser.
“I don’t believe it! What is that thing? It’s trying to jump on the back of Mike’s model,” said Jack.
The lighting crew turned their lights on high beam in order to get a better look at the phenomenon right before their eyes.
The creature was small in relation to the size of the replica, but it looked eerily similar to the model. It was greenish in colour and could be as much as ten feet long. It had a long neck and thick body with visible flippers. It was trying hard to get the model Ogopogo’s attention.
“You can call me crazy but that animal looks like a much smaller version of Ogopogo,” said Jack who was now pacing around the boat’s deck and was wildly gesticulating in the direction of the creature. Jack didn’t pay any attention to the shards of his broken beer bottle that he was stepping on.
“Why is it trying to get on top of the model’s back?” said one of the lighting technicians.
“It’s trying to play with the fake Ogopogo. So far it hasn’t figured out that it’s not real,” said one of the muscular men.
“Who knows? The little guy might think it’s found its mother,” said Jack.11

Chapter 126 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Six:
At about one o’clock in the morning Jack Kimberley’s work crew arrived at his lake front cottage. Jack had his high end cabin cruiser tied to the dock. He also had a rather large state of the art speed boat just to the left of it. The boats were very expensive and came with all the bells and whistles. Like his ex-friend Blake Riley, Jack greatly valued all the good things in life. The chase for the good things in life was what motivated these men to get up every morning.
The sky was now pitch black with only the brightly shining stars and the full moon to provide illumination. In the early hours of the morning the temperature dropped considerably and being on the lake would cause Jack’s crew to feel even colder.
Jack knew exactly what he’d need to make this a successful project so he made sure that his well- muscled crew also knew how to navigate different types of boats.
As soon as his party arrived at his dock, the first item on the agenda was to get the Ogopogo model off the flat- bed truck and loaded onto Jack’s big cabin cruiser. With considerable effort the men were able to lift the replica onto the boat. With this job accomplished Jack took charge and started to give his crew specific instructions. He made sure that every man knew his assignment.
Jack told the assigned captains of both boats to each keep the other vessel in sight. He wanted to make sure that both boats were easily accessible to each other if any unforeseen incidents occurred.
After the vessels had travelled about one hundred meters from the shoreline, Jack signalled both boats to come to a stop. Jack had decided that they had reached a suitable spot to launch the replica of Ogopogo.
The strongest men on Jack’s crew slowly lowered the fake Ogopogo into the water as the divers started putting on their gear. Mike O’Grady began getting his cameras and video equipment set up on tripods. In a few minutes Jack gave the orders for the divers to start maneuvering the wooden replica from below the surface of the water. The divers were very happy to discover that the model dinosaur could float on the surface when they let go of it.6

2014 in review

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Chapter 125 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 125:
Just after John Richards received his phone call informing him that his expedition will be beginning within the hour, John starts to check his large duffle bag to make sure that he will be bringing along everything that he needs, when his phone rings again.
When he picks up the receiver he finds that he is now talking to his ex-wife, Susan.
“Where are you, Susan? The phone didn’t ring like a long distance call,” John stated. “Long distance calls usually sound three rapid rings at the beginning.”
John is quite flustered to hear from Susan and reaches for his pack of cigarettes.
“You were always very sharp,” said Susan. “About some things any way. To answer your question I am at Kelowna International Airport and need you to give me a ride to your sister’s place.”
“Whoa, slow down, Sue. My expedition to search for Ogopogo is leaving in approximately an hour,” said John.
“So your expedition leaves in close to an hour. That’s the reason I’m in Kelowna right now! I hoped that I still had time to talk some sense into you. Are you still taking Ryan and Stephanie along?”
“Just Ryan,” answered her husband.
“So did Stephanie decide not to go on the expedition with you two?” asked Susan.
“She didn’t have any choice in the matter,” said John. The dean of the university said that they didn’t have room for any more crew members.”
“So, Stephanie will be staying back at Meg’s place?”
“No, she actually made alternate plans on her own. She will be going with a different expedition,” said John.
“What! And you let her?” screamed Susan.
“Yes. There was no way I could have stopped her barring tying her up with rope and locking her in Meg’s cabin.”
“You are her father. You should have more control over your children.”
“They’re not kids anymore Sue. They are young adults.” said John.
“And you’re more childish and irresponsible than they are.” Susan had really worked herself up into a frenzy of rage towards her ex-husband.
“Let me assure you that I left her in very good hands. I found out who the leader of Steph’s expedition is. His name is Winston Standfield, a renowned marine biologist who recently retired from The Department of Fisheries of British Columbia.”
“Well, that’s reassuring” said Susan. “But I’ll tell you what, John Richards. You won’t need to pick me up at the airport but I’m going to find a way to put a stop to all this craziness!”10

Chapter 124 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 124:
At five minutes to twelve Jean Luc Lafrance and Jean Guy Larose arrived at the summer lake front home of the elderly couple who owned the boat they needed. The summer home was made from cedar logs and there was a full moon shining on it so both Luc and Guy had a little light to guard them. They proceeded cautiously as they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. Both men were completely attired in black clothing. They wore black hoodies, black jeans and black balaclavas and black sneakers.
They wanted to blend into the darkness. If they happened to be seen by anyone as they took the boat they wanted to leave the witnesses with very little detailed description of their appearance to report to the authorities.
As the two criminals stood outside the old couple’s boat, Luc noticed that their victims had a mailbox attached to the back end of their home. His criminal instincts told him to check the mailbox to see if any of its contents would be of value to him. The couple had obviously not bothered with getting today’s mail. While sorting their mail, Luc noticed that there was a dim light coming from his victim’s bedroom. He moved very quietly and stealthily towards the bedroom window. Through a small opening Luc could see that the old man was sitting up in his bed reading a book. His wife was lying down beside him but appeared to be sound asleep. A small night light was on a dresser next to the bed.
Luc was not happy about the situation. As his odds of encountering the man was now very likely, Luc took a look at the letters that he was holding in his left hand. Through the dim light passing through the couple’s bedroom window Luc could make out the couple’s names. Luc took a mental note of their names in case he had to address either one of them. He motioned with his hand for Guy to move closer to him.
Luc started to whisper instructions to his partner.
“Look Luc. We are going to have to be as quiet as possible as we move past the house and start walking towards the boat dock. I would estimate that it is about fifty yards down a descending walk way to the boat dock. The old man is still awake and I don’t know how good his hearing is,” said Luc.
“What if the old man hears something and comes out to check out the situation? What if he comes out with a gun or a hunting rifle?” asked Guy.
“If that happens I doubt that he is going to fire a shot at us without warning. Did you remember to bring your gun along?”
Guy took out his pistol and showed it to Luc.
“Good. I brought along mine, too. Now here’s Plan B if we do encounter the old couple. I opened their mailbox and found letters with their names on it. If they start talking to us, we will address them by name. We will remove our balaclavas before they leave their home and will tell them that we are boat safety inspectors who work for the province,” said Luc.
“Oh, come on, Luc. Do you really think that they will believe a story like that? I mean, with it being so late out and all,” said Guy who was starting to get very nervous.
“Relax, my friend. Have a little faith in your partner. If they question the time of night, I’ll just tell them that we got over booked today and are way behind schedule. They just might buy my story,” answered Luc.
“Okay. This whole gig is your idea so I may as well let you be the leader,” said Guy.3

Chapter 123 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Three:
Jack Kimberley and his crew had quite a time getting Mike O’Grady’s life size model of Ogopogo out of his apartment. Fortunately, Mike was on the first floor so the men didn’t have to worry about trying to manouver the replica around stairs. Still the fake Ogopogo was very heavy and Jack was glad that he’d hired three bodybuilders to help move it.
Jack’s neighbour who lived in the adjacent apartment was still awake. She was an elderly lady who liked to watch the late night talk shows. Although the men were trying hard to be very quiet, one of them tripped on one of the long drop cloths that covered the model. He lost his balance for a few seconds and the replica bumped the doorway of Mike O’Grady’s apartment creating a loud noise. The old lady came out of her apartment wearing an old housecoat and pajamas. She was an inquisitive person who wanted to know everything that was going on in her apartment building. Her orange tabby cat took the opportunity to come out in the hall to join her owner. When the lady saw Mike she couldn’t resist asking him what was going on.
“You’re not moving out, are you Mike?”
“Oh, no. Mrs. Carson. I’m just taking an old couch over to my mother’s place. Her old one is getting pretty shabby,” answered Mike.
“It’s awfully big for a sofa,” said Mrs. Carson.
“Yes, it is a bit oversized, but it will be useful for my mother. It’s so large that she will be able to take naps on it during the afternoon. She often gets sleepy when she watches her soap operas and she’ll have plenty of room to stretch out on this couch.”
“Why are you moving it at this time of the night, Mike?” asked Mrs. Carson.
Mike had to do some fast thinking on this one. “You see my friends all work the evening shifts at their jobs so they all get off work about this time. It was the only time that all my helpers were available.”
The look on Mrs. Carson’s face seemed to indicate that she didn’t find Mike’s answer to be very credible, but it was so late an hour that she didn’t feel like challenging him.
“Well, you boys just be careful moving that thing. Someone could really hurt their back if they stumbled and fell,” said Mrs. Carson.
As the old lady watched the men carry the large object out the front door of the apartment, she couldn’t help but see something sticking out the back that wasn’t completely covered. She was certain that she could see a large tail sticking out of the end of the object. Once the men were all outside, Mrs. Carson turned around to see the apartment’s supervisor, Mr. Hayes standing in the hall dressed in his bath robe, pajamas and slippers.
“Did you just see what I saw?” asked Mrs. Carson. “Didn’t it look like an alligator or crocodile’s tail?”
“I thought I was seeing things,” said Mr. Hayes scratching what hair he still had on his head.
“How could Mike have gotten a wild, jungle animal into his apartment without anyone noticing?” asked the supervisor.
“Thank God, he’s getting rid of it,” said Mrs. Carson, shaking her head.lake monster

Chapter 122 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Two:
“What’s the plan for tomorrow morning, Luc?”
“The plan starts right after midnight. That’s when we’re going to steal a boat. Around noon today while you were at the liquor store I took a little stroll down to the lake front. I saw an old retired couple probably in their mid -sixties. The old guy might even be seventy. By the looks of their Lexus and their new fishing boat I figured these old people are pretty well off. They must have tons of cash on them and the old lady probably has some very expensive jewellery on the boat. I figure a couple that old will probably go to bed early. When we arrive on the scene we should easily be able to overpower them and throw them off of their boat. After we take care of that nasty piece of business, we use the boat to search for Ogopogo,” said Luc.
“Where are we going to get the equipment, Luc?”
“That’s not going to be a problem my friend. While I was casing out their boat, the old couple must have gone into town for lunch. I used the time to check out their gear. Let me tell you, Guy. These people came prepared. Judging by the equipment they brought along, I would hazard a guess that they planned to hunt for Ogopogo themselves. I mean these guys have expensive camera equipment, a huge net, harpoons and a small freezer that I would guess is filled with bait to lure Ogopogo. Once we get their boat we’re all set.”
“So, say we manage to steal the boat tonight and see Ogopogo. What are we going to do? Try to kill it?” asked Guy.
“Kill it? What for? Think, Guy. What would be the point in that? We are entrepreneurs, you and I.”
“So what are we going to do?” asked Guy.
“We’re going to capture Ogopogo alive in the big net. We’ll secure the net to the back of the boat and take off with our treasure,” answered Luc.
“Then what?”
“We find ourselves a nice secluded spot and we hide Ogopogo. Then we contact the head of The Fisheries Department and tell them we want two million dollars for our catch. We tell him that if we don’t get the money in a few hours we’re leaving the province and will sell Ogopogo to the highest bidder.”
“The highest bidder might just be that crazy entrepreneur, Blake Riley,” said Guy.
“Now you are starting to think, my friend,” said Luc.
Chapter One Hundred Twenty-Three:boats 2