Chapter 115 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Fifteen:
It took Mike O’Grady almost five days to complete his model of Ogopogo. He took this assignment very seriously. For Mike, this was not just paid work. It was a test of his artistic abilities. It had been a long time since had been able to fully use his artistic skills.
Mike received a phone call from Jack Kimberley.
“Hi, Mike. How’s your little project coming?”
“I just finished putting the finishing touches on it this morning. I usually don’t get up before ten but I felt very motivated to get the job done,” answered Mike.
“How did it go with the work crew I hired to work for you ?” asked Jack.
“Without their help I wouldn’t have been able to get the job done on time. Those kids were super. When are you going to come around to see the finished project?”
“Can I leave my apartment right now? I’m dying to have a look at your work.”
In less than twenty minutes Jack Kimberley arrived at Mike O’Grady’s door. As soon as Jack stepped into Mike’s apartment he looked straight at the replica of Ogopogo.
Jack’s face beamed with astonishment and pleasure.
“This is unbelievable! Mike. If I didn’t know better I would think that you caught a live Ogopogo and put it in your apartment.”
“I must admit I’m very proud of my work. As soon as I got started on the project I just knew it was going to be a masterpiece. I just kind of went into a trance while I was building it and the ideas to make it awesome just kept flowing.”
Mike’s creation was indeed awesome. His model was built to a perfect scale and the paint job was incredible. Mike had used a variety of paints to give the model a blend of different shades of green. Everything from the head, neck, body, flippers and tail were exceedingly well done.
“I can’t wait to give our decoy Ogopogo her first swim on the lake. Here’s my plan. I’m going to rent a three ton truck and hire some more men to carry Ogopogo out to the truck. I’m planning on arranging this for around 2:00 AM. Ideally, I don’t want anyone see us moving the model. I realise that even in the wee hours of the morning someone may see us. I’m also going to buy the largest bed sheets and blankets that I can find. Come to think of it, I know a painter who will have plenty of drop clothes that I can borrow,” said Jack.
“What will we say if we run into somebody and they ask us what’s underneath all that covering?” asked Mike.
“I can’t see a problem if that situation arises. We’ll just telling them that we’re moving some very expensive, antique furniture that we’ll be selling to a dealer.”
“I have to hand it to you Jack. You sure know how to cover all your bases,” said MikePicture 67


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