Chapter 116 of the Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixteen:
“Plan A goes into action as soon as we get the model loaded on the truck in the wee hours tomorrow morning. After we get our wooden friend into the truck we’re going to take it out to a very secluded part of the lake. The place I have in mind has a lot of trees, bushes and other vegetation surrounding it. Due to the early hour of the day it will be very dark and it is doubtful that anyone will see us unloading our treasure from the truck. Just in case, however, we will keep a close lookout for any potential bystanders.
I will hire a couple of guys I know that have powerful portable lighting devices and know how to use them. I will also take along some high grade flashlights so that we don’t stumble on our way to the path to the lake,” said Jack.
“So you’re planning to take some pictures of my replica in the lake?” asked Mike.
“Yes, but not only clear, crisp photos. I want to shoot some video of a high quality also. I know that you have some high end video equipment in your apartment, Mike. You are going to be our official photographer and camera man,” answered Jack.
“Don’t worry. You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.”
“I’m very willing to help you with this project, Jack but with my health challenges and mobility issues I don’t know how I’m going to be able to get down to the shore of the lake,” said Mike with a feeling of embarrassment and shame that only the disabled know.
“I’m always a step ahead of you Mike. You are this project’s artist and audio visual technician, but I am the project manager. I’ve thought of everything. I hired four huge body builder guys I recruited at a local fitness club. If worst comes to worst, these men can carry you down to the lake. I’m also bringing along a very sturdy wheel chair I bought at a medical supply store. With the help of my four strong men we may be able to get you down to the lake front by means of the wheel chair,” said Jack.
“I have to hand it to you, Jack. You are a brilliant planner and tactician,” said Mike who was greatly in awe of his friend’s skill set.
“You sure must want to make a fool of Blake Riley. You aren’t sparing any effort or expense to make your little scam work,” said Mike.
“You are one hundred percent right about that,” said Jack.l m 3


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