Chapter 117 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Seventeen:
It was about a half hour short of midnight when Blake Riley started making phone calls. He had been wired up for hours now and he wanted to get his project off the ground right after midnight. Blake was a man of action and could not bear to wait for the morning to set sail. His first call was to his head of security, Daniel Mason.
“Hi, Danny. I want to get an early start on our expedition. I know that we had officially announced our start time as four AM, but I can’t stand the excitement a minute longer. Can you call Peter and ask him to get his crew ready in about an hour’s time? They can meet at my place and we can begin loading my boat with gear. I’m going to make a call to John Richards. After that I’ll phone Dr. Phelge and tell him to get his university kids ready as there has been a change of plans and we will now be leaving a little earlier than originally agreed upon,”
“I got you. Chief. I would imagine that all our participants are having a hard time getting to sleep and will be happy about the change in plans,” said Daniel.2012-07-20 16-55-55.135


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