Chapter 124 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 124:
At five minutes to twelve Jean Luc Lafrance and Jean Guy Larose arrived at the summer lake front home of the elderly couple who owned the boat they needed. The summer home was made from cedar logs and there was a full moon shining on it so both Luc and Guy had a little light to guard them. They proceeded cautiously as they didn’t want to draw attention to themselves. Both men were completely attired in black clothing. They wore black hoodies, black jeans and black balaclavas and black sneakers.
They wanted to blend into the darkness. If they happened to be seen by anyone as they took the boat they wanted to leave the witnesses with very little detailed description of their appearance to report to the authorities.
As the two criminals stood outside the old couple’s boat, Luc noticed that their victims had a mailbox attached to the back end of their home. His criminal instincts told him to check the mailbox to see if any of its contents would be of value to him. The couple had obviously not bothered with getting today’s mail. While sorting their mail, Luc noticed that there was a dim light coming from his victim’s bedroom. He moved very quietly and stealthily towards the bedroom window. Through a small opening Luc could see that the old man was sitting up in his bed reading a book. His wife was lying down beside him but appeared to be sound asleep. A small night light was on a dresser next to the bed.
Luc was not happy about the situation. As his odds of encountering the man was now very likely, Luc took a look at the letters that he was holding in his left hand. Through the dim light passing through the couple’s bedroom window Luc could make out the couple’s names. Luc took a mental note of their names in case he had to address either one of them. He motioned with his hand for Guy to move closer to him.
Luc started to whisper instructions to his partner.
“Look Luc. We are going to have to be as quiet as possible as we move past the house and start walking towards the boat dock. I would estimate that it is about fifty yards down a descending walk way to the boat dock. The old man is still awake and I don’t know how good his hearing is,” said Luc.
“What if the old man hears something and comes out to check out the situation? What if he comes out with a gun or a hunting rifle?” asked Guy.
“If that happens I doubt that he is going to fire a shot at us without warning. Did you remember to bring your gun along?”
Guy took out his pistol and showed it to Luc.
“Good. I brought along mine, too. Now here’s Plan B if we do encounter the old couple. I opened their mailbox and found letters with their names on it. If they start talking to us, we will address them by name. We will remove our balaclavas before they leave their home and will tell them that we are boat safety inspectors who work for the province,” said Luc.
“Oh, come on, Luc. Do you really think that they will believe a story like that? I mean, with it being so late out and all,” said Guy who was starting to get very nervous.
“Relax, my friend. Have a little faith in your partner. If they question the time of night, I’ll just tell them that we got over booked today and are way behind schedule. They just might buy my story,” answered Luc.
“Okay. This whole gig is your idea so I may as well let you be the leader,” said Guy.3


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