Chapter 125 of The Lake Demon

Chapter 125:
Just after John Richards received his phone call informing him that his expedition will be beginning within the hour, John starts to check his large duffle bag to make sure that he will be bringing along everything that he needs, when his phone rings again.
When he picks up the receiver he finds that he is now talking to his ex-wife, Susan.
“Where are you, Susan? The phone didn’t ring like a long distance call,” John stated. “Long distance calls usually sound three rapid rings at the beginning.”
John is quite flustered to hear from Susan and reaches for his pack of cigarettes.
“You were always very sharp,” said Susan. “About some things any way. To answer your question I am at Kelowna International Airport and need you to give me a ride to your sister’s place.”
“Whoa, slow down, Sue. My expedition to search for Ogopogo is leaving in approximately an hour,” said John.
“So your expedition leaves in close to an hour. That’s the reason I’m in Kelowna right now! I hoped that I still had time to talk some sense into you. Are you still taking Ryan and Stephanie along?”
“Just Ryan,” answered her husband.
“So did Stephanie decide not to go on the expedition with you two?” asked Susan.
“She didn’t have any choice in the matter,” said John. The dean of the university said that they didn’t have room for any more crew members.”
“So, Stephanie will be staying back at Meg’s place?”
“No, she actually made alternate plans on her own. She will be going with a different expedition,” said John.
“What! And you let her?” screamed Susan.
“Yes. There was no way I could have stopped her barring tying her up with rope and locking her in Meg’s cabin.”
“You are her father. You should have more control over your children.”
“They’re not kids anymore Sue. They are young adults.” said John.
“And you’re more childish and irresponsible than they are.” Susan had really worked herself up into a frenzy of rage towards her ex-husband.
“Let me assure you that I left her in very good hands. I found out who the leader of Steph’s expedition is. His name is Winston Standfield, a renowned marine biologist who recently retired from The Department of Fisheries of British Columbia.”
“Well, that’s reassuring” said Susan. “But I’ll tell you what, John Richards. You won’t need to pick me up at the airport but I’m going to find a way to put a stop to all this craziness!”10

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