Chapter 135 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Thirty-Five:
Susan Richards called Winston Stanfield’s number less than a minute after she had ended her phone call to her ex-husband.
“Hello. Could I speak to Mr. Standfield?” asked Susan impatiently.
“That depends upon which Mr. Standfield you would like to speak with. You have a choice between young Mr.Standfield whose first name is Wally, or old Mr.Standfield, named Winston which is yours truly.”
“I believe I am speaking to the right Mr. Standfield,” said Susan.
“Good. You can just call me Winston. Who do I have the pleasure of talking to?”
Winston could hear the agitation in Susan’s voice.
“My name is Susan Richards. I am Stephanie Richard’s mother.”
“It’s good to hear from you. In fact, your daughter is here right now along with myself, my grandson, Wally and his friend, Garry. Where are you calling from?”
“I’m calling from a pay phone at Kelowna International Airport,” said Susan. “I need to speak to you about a very important matter and I would prefer that we meet in person.”
“I can give you my address. Will you be driving your car?”
“No. My car is in Winnipeg. I’ll probably have to take a cab,” said Susan.
“Nonsense,” said Winston. I’ll come and pick you up. How will I know who you are?”
“Thank you very much Mr. Standfield. I will borrow a large piece of paper and will write my name, Susan Richards on it.”
“That sounds good. I should be at the airport in fifteen to twenty minutes.”blue stream


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