Chapter 148 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Forty –Eight:
As Jack boarded The Viper, Blake brought Jack a rum and coke. He pointed to the large water soaked replica of Ogopogo trapped in the net. “I see that you snagged the big prize,” said Jack with a wide grin on his face.
“Yeah, it’s a beauty of a model,” replied Blake with a laugh. “I would sure like to meet the guy who put together that masterpiece.”
“That could be a problem,” said Jack.
“How so? Do you know the artist?”
“His name was Mike O’Grady,
said Jack.
“That name sounds very familiar. I think I knew a kid in school who went by that name,” said Blake.
Jack burst out laughing.
“Oh, come on. It can’t be the same guy,” said Blake.
“Do you remember who won first prize at the science fair in grade eleven?” asked Jack.
“Now I see the connection. Mike was the kid who built that small model of Ogopogo. It was a beauty. I remember that Mike spent weeks working on that model. So you’re telling me that Mike O’Grady designed and built the life sized model on the deck of my ship? Why would he build a full size replica and what was it doing on the lake?”
“I arranged the whole thing,” said Jack. “I paid Mike O’Grady to build the life sized model.
“I was going to use the model to get back at you,” said Jack.
“What have you got against me?” asked Blake.
“Are you that obtuse, Blake. You mean to say that you don’t remember what you did to me?”
“No. I don’t remember what I did to you.”
“You quit our business partnership and took up with some sleazy married woman,” answered Jack.
“She, somehow, talked you into leaving our business to become partners with her in her start-up enterprise. The worst part was that you left me entirely out of the loop concerning your new plans. I only found out about what you had done through one of our former business associates.”
“I can appreciate what you’re saying, Jack, but you are missing something here. In our previous business venture you and I were on the same page for a long time. Then, as time went by, our business ideas were starting to diverge to the point that we couldn’t agree on lunch. I didn’t see any rational reason why you and I should remain business partners. That’s why I jumped ship. I admit that I should have let you know of my change of plans in advance.”
“So why can’t I talk to Mike O’Grady?” asked Blake.
“Because he’s dead,” Jack answered.7


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