Chapter 156 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Fifty -Six:
John knew that he was taking a significant risk by trying to save the other two divers. It had been a long time ago when he learned these skills in an optional naval training course. He had not enjoyed scuba diving to any great extent and hadn’t bothered to take it up as a hobby. This dive was his first in close to twenty years and this dive was for real. This was not a simulation. The stakes were extremely high. Three men’s lives could depend on the success or failure of his rescue attempt.
For the first part of his descent John could see clearly in the translucent green water. He did find it strange that he didn’t see any fish on his way down. As John descended further there was no sign or the clouds of sediment that had blinded the two professional divers.
When he got closer to the lake’s bottom John’s eyes beheld a gruesome sight. Pieces of arms and legs were now floating towards John.
John heard the voice of Captain Peter Marks speaking to him on the audio feed, “John, it’s time you headed for the surface. We just saw some human body parts move right by you. Our visibility on the monitor is very good now.”
“I’ve got to go further down. The two divers could still be alive,” said John.
Blake Riley’s voice could now be heard on the radio.
“Listen John. If there is anything left of the divers, they would have bled out by now. The creatures that comitted this atrocity could still be close by. Get out of there immediately!”ogopogo 23

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