Chapter 158 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Eight:
Stephanie leaned her back against the railing of the boat. Garry liked the way the wind moved through Stephanie’s hair.
“What about you Steph? What are your plans for the future?” asked Garry.
“Not so fast. You still haven’t told me what you want,” said Stephanie.
“That’s hard to say. When you have been ill for a long time and have been in and out of institutions like I have you don’t think very far ahead. You just take each day as it comes. I’m just happy that my condition has remained stable for the last couple of months,” answered Garry.
“Let’s pretend that it stays stable for years. Then what would you want from life?”
“I would like to live a normal life. I would like to stop living in treatment centers and group homes. I would like to have a steady job that I enjoyed and that paid well. And, of course, I would want a girlfriend,” said Garry.
“Those sound like good plans to me. And you’ve already achieved two of your goals,” said Stephanie.
“I have? Which ones?
“You are mentally stable now and you do have a girlfriend, if you want one,” said Stephanie.
“Are you my girlfriend?” asked Garry.
“Only if you want me to be.”
“Of course I do. I like you a lot,” said Garry with tears welling up in his eyes.
“All right. It’s official now. Garry and Steph are an item,” said Stephanie.ogopogo 4

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