Chapter 159 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Fifty-Nine of The Lake Demon
John Richards made it to the surface and boarded The Viper. By this time, Winston’s boat, The Discovery was getting closer. Susan Richards took a pair of binoculars and could see the Viper’s diver being helped aboard. As soon as John Richards took off his helmet, Susan recognized her husband.
Susan turned towards Winston, “I can’t believe it. John just got back from a dive. He hasn’t done that in years. Why would he do that?”
“I was watching what was going on several minutes ago. The Viper initially sent two divers into the lake and they haven’t returned yet. Your husband probably went into the lake to see if he could find or rescue them. Your husband is a very courageous man.”
“I’m so grateful that nothing happened to him,” said Susan who was now shaking. Winston held her close trying to comfort her.
While Garry and Stephanie were having their conversation an adult Ogopogo was rapidly undulating in their direction. It was as if the family of Ogopogos had enough of these humans with their boats invading their home. The creatures had decided to defend their own territory by going on the offensive.
Garry screamed for Stephanie to get back from the railing of the boat. Steph turned around just in time to see the green, snake like head just a few feet from her face. Steph let out a scream of terror.
Garry grabbed an oar and started to hit the creature on its head. This action only seemed to anger the predator. Ogopogo was now repeatedly charging The Discovery trying to knock it over. As it had a very long neck it was able to search the main deck for humans to attack. Garry managed to push Stephanie out of the way. When Winston and Wally saw what was happening they grabbed for weapons and artillery. They began firing their weapons at the creature until they could hear loud yelps of pain from Ogopogo. The barrage of artillery fire convinced Ogopogo to submerge back into the lake.ogopogo 15

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