Chapter 160 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty:
By this time Sheriff George Anderson had arrived along with William Everett, Bobby O’Connor and the Harbor Patrol. They had witnessed the Ogopogo that had attacked Winston Standfield’s boat.
“Sheriff, you gave orders that no one was to shoot at the creatures,” said William Everett, the Head of the Fisheries Department.
“In this circumstance the shooters didn’t have a choice. The creature attacked them and human lives were at stake. We already know that these animals can be aggressive, and even deadly, if humans get too close to them. They are protecting their own territory. Our job is to convince these other boats to leave the area and get back to shore. I don’t want to see any more maimed or dead bodies,” said Sheriff George Anderson.
Bobby O’Connor had already been busy taking pictures and jotting down notes. He wasn’t showing the slightest sign of fear.
The Sheriff picked up a megaphone. “This is Sheriff George Anderson. I want all vessels on the lake to turn around and head for shore. That is an order. This is a very dangerous situation and I don’t want any more casualties. Your expeditions have put these creatures on the defensive and have turned them into very deadly predators.”
Just as the sheriff had finished his speech three Ogopogos surfaced right in the middle of the four boats. There were two adults and two much smaller creatures.
“These animals are obviously very intelligent,” said Dr. Lionel Phelge. “They have strategized a plan of attack.”
One adult and one of the smaller animals headed for the boat captained by Peter Marks. The other large creature and a smaller member of the species headed for Winston Standfield’s boat. One of the adults was the one who had been wounded by the previous encounter. It was bleeding from its neck area. Having been shot at only seemed to increase its aggressiveness. Dr. Phelge assumed that it was the adult male of the unknown species.
This creature and its smaller companion were attempting to jump into Winston Standfield’s boat. Winston ordered Stephanie, Garry and Wally to go below deck. The three young people disobeyed Winston’s orders and searched for weapons instead.
Stephanie screamed aloud as the smaller creature got within a few feet of her. This creature was at least ten feet long. It stared intently at Steph as she pointed a rifle at its face. She trembled and shook with fear as the creature opened its mouth displaying its row of long, razor sharp teeth.ogopogo 20


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