Chapter 161 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-One:
The smaller creature appeared to realize that the rifle that Stephanie was pointing at it would cause it significant pain. It turned its neck right around as if looking for back -up from one of the adults. This gave Winston, Wally and Garry enough time to throw a large net over the smaller Ogopogo. When the animal realized that it was trapped it squirmed and twisted around trying to break free from the net. As it became increasingly frustrated with its futile attempts to escape, it let out a loud, squealing sound that was as aggravating as a fingernail scraping along a chalk board.
The members of Blake Riley’s crew had watched in amazement what was happening aboard Winston Standfield’s boat. Blake’s video technicians were filming the whole incident.
A few minutes later Blake’s boat was attacked by one of the adult creatures. This animal was waving its tail around and had succeeded in knocking Dr. Lionel Phelge off the boat and into the lake.
Both Kyle Winter and Ryan Richards didn’t waste any time diving into the water in an attempt to save Dr. Phelge. Just as the two young men grabbed hold of Lionel and were dragging him to safety, the other smaller version of the species swam rapidly towards Ryan, Kyle and Lionel.
Fortunately, the two young rescuers and Dr. Phelge had a head start on the creature and were able to board Blake Riley’s ship on time. About a minute after the men were safely aboard the smaller Ogopogo found a way to manoeuver itself onto the main deck of the ship.
Blake, Peter Marks and John Richards were ready with their own large net. They struggled with the creature until they had it trapped. The smaller animal struggled as violently as the one aboard Winston’s ship. It, too, did not have any success escaping from the trap that had been set for it and started its own mournful wail.
Both adult creatures attempted to rescue the smaller ones but were met with a volley of gunfire by the crews of both ships. Being badly wounded the two adults were riddled with bullets and were bleeding profusely. Within minutes both of the adults sunk back into the lake.
Blake Riley, Dr. Phelge and Winston Stanfield knew they had the physical evidence that they came for. Their boats headed for the shore. ogopogo 16


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