Chapter 163 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Three:
Bobby O’Conner could not wait to get back to his office to work on compiling his notes and having a look at how his Ogopogo expedition photos turned out. He realized that the articles he would write and the photos that he would publish would be the coup of the century. The story about the search and capture of a live Ogopogo would be world- wide news. Bobby’s reporting would be as famous as the initial reports on the Roswell Incident of 1947. In fact, this story would be bigger than Roswell as the crew returned with living physical specimens. Bobby O’Conner was about to become a household name in the field of journalism. All this for a once small time reporter who covered the Kelowna Katfish junior hockey team.
Fortunately, Bobby kept detailed journal entries anytime he found more information about the adventures of the expeditions. He was more than happy with the pictures of the Ogopogos. The photos were taken from a relatively short distance and were very clear and focused. There was no doubt that the creatures photographed did not belong to any known living species. Bobby had enough material in his journal entries for several good newspaper articles, but he wanted more.
What Bobby O’Connor really wanted was interviews with the members of the crew. He started to make some phone calls to arrange for appointments for interviews.
The first person that Bobby called was John Richards. The reporter knew that he had a great human interest story in John’s attempted rescue of the two divers on Blake Riley’s crew.
“John, this is Bobby O’Conner from The Kelowna Sun. I would love to get an interview with you and your family. What time would be good for you?”
“Right now would be a great time. My ex-wife Susan is here now as well as my kids. You might get four interviews out of this,” answered John.
“That would be even better. Do you mind if I bring a video crew with me? A local television news show has asked to work with me on this project. We can be at your place in about an hour,” said John.
“That’s fine with me. We’ll have the coffee on when you arrive.”ogopogo 24

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