Chapter 164 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Four:
Susan Richards had overheard John’s telephone conversation with Bobby O’Conner. “What time will Mr. O’Conner be coming over, John?”
“He told me that he would be here in about an hour or two.”
“Good. That will give us some time alone to talk. Let’s go for a walk. The kids are all busy playing an old board game called Risk,” said Susan.
“Yeah, Ryan found a bunch of my old board games in old storage space that I had completely forgotten about. He found Clue, The Game of Life, Careers, Monopoly and a few others,” said John.
“So, are you up for a walk?”
“Absolutely, it’s a beautiful morning.”
John tried to sound enthusiastic, but like most men, he feared the wrath of his wife or ex-wife in this case. He was sure that she was going to reprimand him severely for allowing their kids to go on the Ogopogo expeditions.
The former husband and wife started along the curving hiking trail that was close to Aunt Meg’s cottage.
“I’ve had some time to think John. I have been thinking about you and the kids. I imagine that both Ryan and Stephanie are going to want to continue living with you in the fall,” said Susan.
“What makes you think that?” asked John.
“Oh, come on, John. Both of them are in relationships now. Ryan and Monique are madly in love and I don’t think Stephanie and Garry are very far behind them.”
“Monique will be going back to live with her mother in Montreal,” said John.
“I wouldn’t be so sure about that. The day that I arrived at your sister’s place, she got a phone call from Monique’s mom. When her mother was told that I was staying here for a while she wanted to talk to me. She said that Monique had told her all about Ryan and Monique asked if she could stay in Kelowna for the fall to attend The University of British Columbia with Ryan,” said Susan.
“So, what did Monique’s mom say?” asked John.
“She told her that she could and that she was planning on moving out to Kelowna in a few weeks. She said that she had just got her lay-off notice from work and she had been thinking about moving for awhile now. She wants a new start. She said that she wants a change of scenery and that she has been doing some personal research on Kelowna. She found out that it was a beautiful part of the country to live,” said Susan.kelowna 16


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