Chapter 165 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Five:
“I didn’t get a chance to tell you John, but I was terrified when I saw you dive into the lake to look for those two divers,” said Susan.
“It was probably not the smartest thing to do, but I reacted almost by instinct. I didn’t really think about how risky my actions were at the time. All I could think about was that two of our crew could be in serious trouble and that someone had to take immediate action. As I had once been trained to be a scuba diver I knew that I was the only one aboard the ship that could look for the two missing divers,” John explained.
“You can’t imagine how relieved I was when I saw you return to the surface. Those ten minutes when you were underwater seemed like the longest ten minutes of my life. I was afraid that I was going to lose you forever,” said Susan.
“You are starting to sound like you really care about me,” said John. “but you care about everybody. That you were worried about my safety shouldn’t surprise me. After all, we used to be husband and wife.”
“I’m starting to get thirsty, John,” said Susan.
“There’s a Tim Hortons along this trail. We should be there in about five minutes,” said John.
When John and Susan arrived at Tim Horton’s the restaurant was only half full of customers enjoying their coffee and doughnuts.
“What would you like Susan?” asked John. John had found them a booth near the back of the restaurant. Susan looked out at the natural beauty surrounding the lake.
“I need a large glass of cold water and then I’ll have a coffee with cream and sugar. I think I’ll have an apple fritter too. Can you order for us John? I need to use the washroom.”
“No problem,” said John.
When Susan Richards closed the door to the women’s washroom, she began to sob quietly.
I had no idea how much I missed that man. It feels so good to be spending time with him after all this time apart.

After she used the washroom and washed her tears away, Susan collected herself and walked over to their booth. John had already brought their order to their table. John had ordered the same thing as Susan had.
“What’s the matter? You look like you’ve been crying,” John said looking at the red in Susan’s eyes.
“I can’t hide it from you John. I just enjoyed our walk so much. Just being with you and talking to you filled me with so much joy. I don’t think I realized how unhappy I’ve been living in Winnipeg. This time with you also showed me how lonely I’ve been and how good it felt to be close to you,” said Susan reaching for a tissue to wipe another tear from her eye.
“It’s been hard for me too Susan. It’s been a very miserable time. The only season that I perk up a bit is during the summer when Ryan and Stephanie come to visit me.”
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