Chapter 167 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Sixty-Seven:
As soon as the boats arrived at the shore with the two Ogopogos aboard they were met by two uninvited strangers. These two men, Hawk and Razor had been waiting for the expedition boats to arrive. They were big time drug dealers from Vancouver, British Columbia.
One of the leaders of the gang turned to toward the crew on the boats and got right to the point.
“My name is Hawk and my partner’s name is Razor. We’re here to pick up the cocaine and heroin. Where is it? We know that you have it on board.
Blake Riley got off the boat first and without showing any fear confronted the two men.
“We don’t have any drugs on board. We’re all honest citizens.”
“I don’t believe you. We were told that you people had drugs aboard by two friends of ours, Luc and Guy. We met them in a bar and we paid them for the information,” said Hawk as he pulled out a revolver.
Razor rotated his hips and turned from side to side to point his semi-automatic machine at the passengers of The Viper and The Dream Catcher. All the crew, except for Blake Riley, put the hands up to indicate their surrender.
“I think that you boys got some misinformation. Those two guys that you met in the bar took you for marks. I assure you that we don’t have any drugs aboard our boats,” Blake said.
“Let’s search the boats said,” Razor.
“That’s exactly what we’re going to do and if we find any heroin or cocaine there will be serious repercussions for you people,” said Hawk.
“Razor, start with the boat on your left. Check all the crew for weapons. I’ll do the same for the boat on the right. If any of you people try anything stupid we won’t hesitate for a second to kill you.”cabin cruiser 1

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