Chapter 170 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Seventy:
Everyone put their hands over their ears in an attempt to muffle the piercing noise that the creature was making.
Hawk looked at the passengers.
“Who can tell me what kind of fish or animal is in that net?”
“I think I know what it is Boss,” said Razor.
“Okay, what is it?” asked Hawk.
“It’s a pint size Ogopogo. I’ve been reading all Bobby O’Connor’s articles about the creature,” said Razor.
“I never believed in the legend of Ogopogo,” said Hawk. “But this animal is very creepy and looks like it could cause some serious damage to anyone who got too close to it.”
“These people aren’t dope dealers, Boss. They were on an expedition to find Ogopogo and it looks like they caught a smaller size specimen,” said Razor.
Dr. Lionel Phelge moved a few steps closer to Hawk. Hawk kept his revolver pointed right at him.
“Your partner is right, Hawk. We have captured a living specimen of an unknown animal. It is smaller and is probably younger than what is usually reported, but I believe it is an authentic Ogopogo.”
Winston Standfield spoke up next.
“The professor is right. This creature could be evidence of the greatest scientific discovery of the century.”
“Boss, this thing could be worth millions,” said Razor.
“That’s right. We may have found something much more profitable than heroin and cocaine. We just need to find a way to get our little treasure off this boat and into my SUV,” said Hawk.
Dr. Phelge became enraged.
“You men can’t take this creature! We need to take it to The University of British Columbia where it can be properly identified and studied.”
Within seconds, more of the passengers joined in and this discussion turned into an out of control shouting match.
When all this arguing was taking place aboard The Viper, the smaller Ogopogo on The Dream Catcher was becoming very agitated. It had already been trying to free itself from the net and its anxiety level increased with all the yelling and shouting going on aboard The Viper. The animal was using its sharp teeth to tear through the netting. Like the animal on The Viper it was also making an unworldly squealing noise. It took the Ogopogo a few minutes to get itself free of the large fishing net that had been holding it captive.ogopogo 3

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