Chapter 171 of The Lake Demon

Chapter One Hundred Seventy One:
While all the passengers and the two criminals were arguing about Ogopogo, Kyle Winter and John Richards got behind Hawk and Razor. Kyle gave a hand signal to Garry Phelge and Wally Standfield to move closer to them. Hawk and Razor were too busy arguing with Dr. Phelge and Winston Standfield. By this time the other Ogopogo had managed to break free from its netting and was climbing aboard The Dream Catcher.
Kyle had his group form a huddle.
“Look there’s only two of those guys. Let’s charge them from behind and get them to let go of their weapons.”
The two adult Ogopogos were not happy about their children being stolen from them. They were determined to get the smaller ones back. They were undulating rapidly towards the two boats.
Kyle, John, Ryan, Garry and Wally all charged the two criminals. They were able to knock down Hawk and Razor and the force of their attack caused their weapons to fall to the floor. Kyle grabbed Hawk’s revolver and Garry picked up Razor’s semi- automatic. The balance of power had shifted and the two criminals were now held at gun point.
Hawk raised his hands in surrender, but Razor ran for the steps trying to get to the main deck. John fired a shot that hit Razor’s right ankle. Razor managed to make it up the steps even though he had been shot.
When he reached the main deck, Razor was met by the open jaws of the smaller Ogopogo that had escaped from The Viper. The Ogopogo got its sharp teeth into Razor’s left arm and with one quick shake of its neck the arm was amputated.
A few minutes after this happened the two adult Ogopogos started charging The Dream Catcher. With both adult animals pounding the boat, the vessel began to shake and the passengers and Hawk were thrown to the floor. Garry dropped the semi- automatic and Hawk picked it up.
Hawk ran up the stairs to the main deck. He just had time to watch the smaller Ogopogo mauling Razor like a cat playing with a mouse. As he watched this horrifying scene the large tail of one of the adult Ogopogos knocked Hawk into the lake along with his semi-automatic rifle.ogopogo 11

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