Infinite Realities Episode Eight by Ken David Stewart

Episode Eight of Infinite Realities:
“Please to meet you Rick. What the hell just happened? This isn’t Altamont. That isn’t Jefferson Airplane on stage.
“We’re in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, my home town. That’s The Guess Who performing on the stage.”
“I know they’re playing ‘American Woman’, my favorite song. But how did we get here? This is really freaking me out Rick. Am I just having a bad dream or am I tripping?”
“I suspect it isn’t a dream because I’m having the same one as you are. As for the drugs I don’t know what you’re on.”
“I don’t think that our experience has anything to do with dreams or drugs. An app on my tablet created this experience,” Rick said.
“What’s an app and what’s a tablet?” Athena asked.

“A tablet is a technological device that can scan the internet and the individual apps on it do all sorts of cool things.”
“Now I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. It’s like we come from two different planets.”
“That’s closer to the truth than you think. In this dimension I’m twenty-two years old. I’ve travelled through time to the year 1969. In my real life I’m sixty-two years old and live in the year 2015. There’s an app on my tablet that allows me to travel through time. I can’t show you my tablet here because if some people in the crowd saw it they would all want to play with it and that would put both us and them in danger.”
“Okay Rick. I give up. I think you’ve gone mad but I’m coming along for the ride. I may as well enjoy it. Let’s meet some people. They look and dress like my friends in San Francisco. They must be freaks.”
“Good idea. These people are very friendly. I used to hang out with a crowd like this when I was in my early twenties.”
Rick and Athena walked over to a group of five people sitting in a circle. The Guess Who were closing their set with their first hit single, ‘Shakin’ All Over’. The audience applauded and thanked the band to show their appreciation for the free concert. I figure that The Guess Who were just curious to see the freaks at Memorial Park.fantasy image 2

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