Infinite Realities Part Ten by Ken David Stewart

Episode Ten of Infinite Realities:

“We were there,” Rick said. “We only stayed for part of Jefferson Airplane’s set.”

“Yeah the crowd was very uncool. There were people scuffling near the front of the stage. The Hells Angels jumped into the fray and then things really got hairy. Marty Balin jumped off the stage and tried to break up a fight. He ended up getting knocked unconscious,” Athena said.

Hog took some marijuana out of a black leather pouch and rolled up a huge joint. He took a deep drag and then passed it to the guy sitting to his left.

“Some people are already saying that it’s the end of the sixties and that the party is over,” said a young guy wearing Army Surplus battle fatigues.

“I hope not,” said the girl wearing the tie die tee shirt. This summer’s been too much fun. I love hanging out at the park with you guys.”

“I can’t argue with you there,” said Hog. The communal joint had come back his way and he took another long deep drag. “But I always wondered if Woodstock was too good to last.”

Rick thought about how things had turned out. The freaks, hippies and The Summer of Love had indeed died and young people turned to materialism and consumerism. The revolution never came and the dream had died out.

“You want to come with me Athena? I’ll buy you a s a hot dog and a Coke from the street vendor,” Rick said getting up and wiping the loose grass from the seat of his pants.

“Are you guys coming back?” Hog asked.

“No. It’s getting late. I think Athena and I will hit the road after we eat,” Rick answered. “Thanks for the company and for sharing your dope with us,”

“No problem my friend,” Hog said as he waved goodbye.

As both Rick and Athena were very hungry they finished their food and drink quickly. Rick beckoned Athena away from the refreshment stand. He pulled out his tablet and said, “I wonder what the other apps on this thing can do. Do want to stay here or do you want to go forward in time with me to 2015?”

“I really like you Rick, but I don’t think that I want to hang out with a guy that’s sixty-three in 2015. I have my whole life ahead of me.”

“I see what you mean, I’m going to miss you though.” Rick gave Athena a hug and a kiss and touched the app that would bring him back to 2015.



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