Infinite Realities Episode Eleven by Ken David Stewart

Episode Eleven of Infinite Realities:

When Rick swiped the touch screen a new message appeared. It was displayed with a background collage of a beautiful blue and gold collage that was centered by a football helmet with the letter W on it. The message read:

Where do want go next and what do you want to do? Remember the possibilities are virtually limitless. Pun intended. Oh by the way Rick, I should have told you this before. I can read your mind. In fact I know more about you than you do. I can tell what kind of mood you are in. I know all about your past. I know what grieves you. I know that you wish you could go back and change things in your life and I can help you do that. You don’t give yourself enough credit Rick. You have a brilliant and imaginative mind. Just type in where you want to go next. Or maybe this time let me choose a time and place for you just to give you a demonstration.

Rick stood there in shock. He had moved to a grey and gloomy back lane shaded from the sunlight not far from Memorial Park. He did not want anyone to see his tablet and start asking him questions.

Rick had experienced a great deal of pain in his past. When he was a young child he liked to spend most of his time alone living in his own fantasy worlds. He would pretend that he was the rookie quarterback for The Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The local football team’s star quarterback had just gone down with a separated shoulder and would now be out for the rest of the game and possibly the rest of the season. Rick would play the role of the rookie quarterback who would have to save the day for his team. If he failed his team would not get into the playoffs.


 fantasy 26

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