Infinite Realities Episode Fourteen

Michael Reeves was very accurate in estimating his time of arrival at Rick’s apartment. It took him exactly nineteen minutes to get there. Rick’s apartment block was located on a side street just off one of the busier streets in St. Boniface. It was a smaller block that contained only six units. Rick’s apartment was fairly modest and came with a reasonable monthly rent. On his generous disability cheques Rick could have chosen more expensive lodgings but he couldn’t see the point. His one bedroom apartment suited his needs very well. He didn’t have any plans to have a permanent roommate and he actually liked living alone once he got used to it.

Rick opened the door to let his new caseworker inside his home. Michael Reeves was a relatively young man. Rick estimated that the industrial psychologist was about twenty-eight to thirty years old. Michael had an athletic build and was very handsome. If he was still single Rick guessed that Michael didn’t have any problem attracting the opposite sex. Michael wore a light blue sports jacket and an expensive looking dark blue dress shirt with a gold patterned tie. He was carrying a rather outdated metal briefcase that was trendy in the nineties.

“How much for the briefcase?” Rick asked.

Looking a little thrown off by the question Michael answered in a crackly voice, “Close to two hundred dollars including tax.”

‘How about if I offer you 150 for it?”  Rick asked.

“Well,” said Michael. “I didn’t stop by to sell you my briefcase. I’m flattered that you like it though.”

“I do like it very much. I wished I would have bought one while they were in style. The metal cases were really designed for executive types not school teachers. I have a genuine leather black attaché case. Well, enough talk about briefcases. Find a seat in my living room and I’ll bring you a freshly brewed coffee. What do you take in yours?”

Michael found a spot on Rick’s old fashioned peach colored couch. “Have you got any liquid coffee creamer and an artificial sweetener?”

“I sure do. That’s exactly the way I take my coffee. I think we’re going to get along just fine, Michael.”

“I hope so. I get along with most people very easily. Although most of my clients aren’t as relaxed as you are, especially when it’s the first time they’ve met me.”

“That’s because I’m big and tough and look like a biker. Plus I’ve been around this block a few times  so I pretty much know what to expect,” Rick said.







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